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Peace & Blessings!!

Hello Dean and the rest of the DG family. I just wanted to take a moment to post thoughts. I started with Dean's program over a year ago by buying his "Be a real estate Millioaire" book. Read it, then bought the "Profit from real estate RIGHT NOW" book. Both as you all know are fantastic sources of information, enthusiasm, instruction, motivation, and hope for becoming successful in real estate and inevitably in life. I also purchased the edge kit during the last blitz and haven't yet started it as i'm finishing up profit now. The sad thing to all this is that I'm very motivated and feel like I'm a lot more knowledgeable about approaching this, but don't know where to begin. Fear, and being unsure about where, how to start paralyzes me. I really just need some direction and a push. If my name is selected for the free copy of the edge, please select the very next person and bless them with it. Pray for me to take some action, I have but not enough to do my first deal. Credit is not great, have lots of debt, and won't qualify for any loans.

thanks, for reading Peace & Blessings!!
David W.