A new week, new SuccessFest treats for you...

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I talk a lot about avoiding negative people that distract you and cause doubt, but are you being skeptical to yourself?

Do you question or doubt facts and theories?

A skeptic does not accept the "Given".

There is a time and a place for skepticism.

This is not the time or the place.

If you ARE a skeptic when it comes to creating real estate profits, I can help you - IF - you are willing to take a little action.

To help you along with the process of believing in yourself and going out there and making the success you crave happen, I'm giving you something very cool.

Download Chapter One!

I've put together a mini-book, it's a concise guide filled with the essential "how to" actions that you can use to cash in with my strategies.

I've divided it up into three sections and you will be getting one section now and one in each of the next two emails I send you.

This first section you'll find out everything you need, to build that ever important buyers list.

So without further ado, here is the link to grab your copy:

Download Chapter One!

This is really going to help you.

Tell me know what you think in the comments below after reading it!

Also, checkout DGadmin's favorite techniques and add your favorites (in the guide or not)!

You keep us goin!!!

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What can I say but hot hot hot hot. You are the bestest ever. Thank you again. You've added some that I hadn't seen before. Always on the very edge for us.
Thanks my friend


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Thank you Dean.. I'm feasting on this stuff.. Excellent information..

Wow! More great information!

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Success Fest is better than Octoberfest because there are more treats each week. Thanks for the building a buyer's list information. I can't believe how much great free information is always available to us. Thanks again for keeping us updated and providing such great information to assist us with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Thanks So Much Dean!

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this was great i love all the information you give how do your store your buyers list on your pc

Dean's the Man!

Thank you for the very valuable information.
I feel like a sponge every time I come across any of your work. I can't believe this stuff is free! Remarkable! Thanks again for the helpful updates! =]

Thank You!

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Thank you so much Dean! Great information......Continued success. Lubertha

Dean you have done it again!!!!!!!!!

Man I was pondering were to turn at this crucial time and thought briefly of giving up but your information and encouragement has revived me and I will keep pursuing to reach my goal as a sucessful REI

P.S Thanks Dean


Great resource

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This is a great resource! Though some of it sounds vaguely familiar.
Thanks again DEAN for yet another contribution to our success! Keep it coming.


Great information, I was feeling really fustrated until I read this. Now I am motivated again !!!!

I hope tips on finding property is next.
( hint ) lol

Thank you
Godd luck to all

Onward and upward

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More information to move to the next plateau.
Thanks Dean.

Veins of Gold

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SuccessFest Treat, and what a treat it is!

Thank you, Dean. We feel overwhelmed by your generosity. You keep giving us great information and guidance all the time, and this is great stuff.

Of course, we could just read it and say, "Eh, heard it all before, read something like that in his book, or sounds like a lot of work to me", but what you have just given to us is a map to the veins of gold that permiate throughout our local area.

The real buyers go unseen, simply doing their own thing day to day and we have no clue who they are or where to find them or what to say to them when we do.

They are gold because deals today are a dime a dozen. You can't be involved in real estate investing without stumbling across a deal, but the buyers, the real buyers, are hard to find because they are busy doing what they do, buying. They don't advertise right now because they don't have to. The fields are ripe for their harvesting, so there is no need for them to plant seeds.

You have just given us a map of where to find those veins of gold, what to say to them when we do, and how to turn a profit through a relationship with them.

Thank you again for doing what you do. This is well layed out and easy to follow.

Thank you again,

Mike & Mary

Thanks Dean

Now go ahead sent out emails #2 & #3 already. Ah ah...Thanks again for all the information you share with us!


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Thanks Dean for all the work that you do to keep us on track and motivated. Can't wait for more.


Awesome info !!

I plan to put these tips to use right away..

Your buyers list is the cornerstone of your business.


Building Our Buyer's List

Dear Dean,
Dean!Deean!!Deeean!!! Thank you so much!!! The information you share with us is invaluable. This will help so much... There's almost a calming relief when you take it a step further from the original recipe. Now it's simplified,even tho you've added more mouth watering seasonings. Thanks!!!

Building Our Buyer's List

Dear Dean,
Dean!Deean!!Deeean!!! Thank you so much!!! The information you share with us is invaluable. This will help so much... There's almost a calming relief when you take it a step further from the original recipe. Now it's simplified,even tho you've added more mouth watering seasonings. Thanks!!!


Thanks so much for all the great, free information you provide. I was so excited I had to read it before I even took the time to print it. I can't wait for the next chapters, (did I hear someone say they're coming later today?) lol. Hey, you can't blame me for trying. Best wishes and everyone have a blessed day. Myra

Keeping Motivated

Yes Dean,thanks again for keeping my dreams alive.looking forward to the next cup of info to keep me going and making that first deal.


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Thank you, Dean! Twyla



This is great!!

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Thanks Dean! So appreciate your willingness to continue to share so much information. In everything you send, there are always new twists, a different spin, a new thought on how to creatively succeed in real estate.

So many avenues! Thank you for sharing all of these with us. This building a buyer's list comes at a perfect time for me.

I'm going to try something new each day this week and document it in my journal here!

Thanks again!

Success Fest

Dear Dean,

I am new to all this. Have signed up with your program and am in the Success Academy for a week now and am building so much hope that I will succeed on RE. I am grateful for all the information given and to see that you put so much effort in providing us with free information that can help us be successful is unbelievable. I never thought that someone really cares about other people be wealthy. I really wanted to say thanks to all the emails and the materials sent. I have read your book Profit from RE Now and am on my way to read the next. I am anxious to start making money, but am now kind of builing my knowledge and courage to start actually doing business.

Many thanks for everything,



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Thanks for all the great info you continue to send.....you're an inspiration!


I can't believe it!

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OMG! Thank you Dean so much! I've been looking for a person like you and a system that works for the longest. I've ordered other real estate courses before but, they had fallen short of what they promised for me to accomplish. Now that I ordered your system, I feel like there's light at the end of the tunnel for me. I really feel like I could reach my dreams of becoming a real estate investor. Thank you for giving me hope and inspiring me again to go out there and go after my dreams. Thank you for the wealth of information you have provided all of us and continued support. The buyers list information I just received is awesome. I can't wait to make my first deal.

Thanks again,

#1 condesed info

Hi Dean,

Very helpful info. Most of it is in your book but this condenses it down beautifully.

Looking forward to your next installation.




Thank you so much;;;you are WONDERFUL....I saw your informacial this weekend with you riding in your car talking to us...you really care about us Dean and it shows...I really needed this BADLY...I can't wait to tell you about my DEALS..





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Another great idea, especially for those of us with a short attention span. I loved it. It was like a short review of your great books. We all need a reminder of what we're suppose to be doing on a daily basis. Just those little nuggets of information is inspirational. Thanks Dean!! Can't wait for the next chapter.


Appreciate the info.

Thanks Dean!
This is great! How to create a buyers list! I have needed some where to start! This helps alot!! Can't wait for the next 2 parts!!
God Bless!!

Building your buyers list

Thanks for the information, I'm learning alot! In a small town, southeast Kansas, the banks only allow short term loan lasting 10 years. I did find a savings and loan business will go for 20 years; their interest rates, I think, are high. It would be nice if you can stop in Kansas or talk to someone in Kansas who made big profits in real estate. God Bless! Ray Banowetz

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