Just Released... Another Great Free Foreclosure Tool For Our DG Members!

Yep, you heard right! We are putting together another useful foreclosure tool for all members of the site. Best of all... it's free.

We've heard the questions many times... How do I find out if property XYZ is in foreclosure or not? How do I find out which foreclosures in area ABC are in foreclosure?

We've always offered Foreclosure Alert, which is a seriously powerful foreclosure finder/research tool. If you need serious foreclosure research, that is the tool to use. However, we are releasing a light-weight tool to do simple foreclosure research, for free.

You will be able to ask this tool if a property is on the books as a foreclosure and it will tell you if it is or isn't. You can also get the ten most recent foreclosures for an area, by zipcode, city, county or state.

What's the catch? There is none! Well, almost none... to use the tool you need to be a registered member of the site (which is free - most of you are already, but if you are not, register now). The other small catch is the "recent foreclosure" part of the tool doesn't list the actual the actual house number, just the street. That is the one piece of data we could not get for the free tool. The good news is we can map it on a map and you should be able to determine the house number by comparing the map to a Zillow map, or other maps that show house addresses.

Also on the roadmap is to add the functionality to our free real estate research system, TotalView Real Estate.

Again, make sure you have are registered member of the site AND logged in, otherwise you will get a "access denied" message:

Use the tool now!


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Can't wait. This tool should be very helpful.

This is great news!!!!

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this is owesome, I will be looking forward for this tool and it will more than likely go on my tool belt! Eye-wink
thank you in advace.


It has been released!

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The link is at the bottom of the story above. Like the article says, you must be logged in or you will get an "access denied" message. This is for DG members only. =)

Having the right tool for the right job

This definately is a tool belt item and will help me to find great properties is my area recently foreclosed on. Thanks Dean!!!

Excellent Search Resource....

Dean and staff, you all just keep amazing. Thanks again for the motivation...and passion...and desire to see and help others succeed...


Keep up the good work and passing all the resources our way. I checked it out and it is yet another great resource. Sharing is caring!


I will like to express my ...Really Big Thanks to Dean and all the staff for the way all of you is helping to get started. Yes that is what we need. Ones we start we kept moving and we always remember who help us.
Thanks for all the information

Another Tool? You Gotta Be Kidding!!!!

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Thanks to Dean and all of his helpers for putting this together, you truly are a bleesing.

should be really helpful!

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should be really helpful! Thanks a lot! You always come out with the best stuff!

Another great tool!!

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Thanks Dean and all of the DG.com staff! I can't wait to check out the new tool and see how it works for my area!

Rick Merritt
Trident Realty, LLC

Great Tool

just visited the tool, and test run it, using a foreclosure in my 55 community. It worked GREAT !!!! Thanks Again to DEAN and The TEAM !!!


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Excellent tool especially for rookies like me!!! Thanks again Dean, you make us feel how important we are, to you.

Christmas comes early!

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Thank you for yet another free tool for the DG members to be able to use and benefit from. As a DG Member, I can't believe all the free great tools and information that have been provided to all of us. It is just trememendous! As A CPA, I think it is unreal how all these great items are offered free because all of the cost for time, effort, planning and developement. Thank you for always keeping the DG Members #1 with the latest and greatest information and tools. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Thank You

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Dean & Dean's team. I really appreciate another great tool to help us.

SPR Property Solutions, LLC

New Tool For Us!!!

Hi Dean, Hi Team,
Thank you so very much for this new tool to work with. I am so excited!!! You are all so wonderful to us. You are constantly giving us sunshine and water so that we may bloom and grow. I really can not thank you enough; and to think that this is just the beginning for some of the DG Family. Truly a kind heart. Thanks again.

new investor

looking for investment club in the Baltimore Maryland area to join. Just getting started in real estate investing.

Hey Dean

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christmas comes early once again!! your so kind to help us students out.



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If you can want to hear more on Probates.


Thank you Dean

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Thanks for yet another tool Dean. Can't wait to try this one out. You really never stop making things eaiser for all of us.


Thank you Dean

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Thank you Dean for the wonderful tool to find foreclosures in any area!

Just Checked it out!!!

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This is an owesome tool, thank you Dean this is great. one question: does the dollar amount on the right side of the street name mean that its what the bank is asking for the house?

have a wonderfull evening everyone


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Wow - so many tools you are providing us with to reach our goals. Dean, you and your staff are absolutely amazing. Thanks a million to all!

Foreclosure Tool

Fantastic Tool. Once again thanks for the leg up!


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Thank You Very Much Dean.

The price listed...

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I believe the price listed is the amount the property was defaulted on. I will contact the data provider and let you all know for sure.


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COuld Dean be any better THIS IS GREAT!!! Perfect for me the struggling newbie!!

Thanks Dean

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You come through once again!!!

Everyone Can Make A Difference!
John A.

New foreclosure tool

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This item will be a great addition to our toolbox to research foreclosures. When it gets implemented into the TotalView Real Estate system that will be GREAT!!

Thanks Dean

Thank you Dean

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Dean delivers as always. Thank you and your team for this tool.

Long live DG!


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Tell me about your investment club I live in Washington, DC area