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Virginia Beach, VA
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I am fairly new to Real Estate investing as of November 10, 2011 when I sat in on a Real Estate seminar where it peaked my interest. Two weeks after, I signed up to take an online class through Professional Marketing International (PMI). There they are guiding me and showing me the ropes to become successful in Real Estate. I was assigned a mentor who recommended that I join Real Estate communities such as this one to connect with other investors to network and gain resources. After losing my job a few months back and living off of my savings, I don't really have the capital to purchase or finance a property to flip or rehab right now. So it was recommended that I "assign contracts" as a start to gain capital. I hope that I can learn from "seasoned" investors and become as successful in Real Estate as they are.

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Your Properties in Detroit

Do you own these properties in Detroit or do you already have them under contract? I'm still working on the deal in with the property in Scranton but I should be able to work multiple deals at the same time. Give me more info on the properties and let see what we can do to help each other.


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I buy oceanfront condos in Va Bch and Nags Head area. Let me know if you find any.


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regarding condos-any/all NOT listed or on mls.

Hi Erbin

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As Keb noted, I just saw your post about the property you have locked up in Pennsylvania, and came to your guestbook to see some info about yourself; I'm also looking for an investor in PA, so maybe we can network...

I may have a property locked up, so I will need a buyer; I will let you know if it comes through...

wishing you success,

Scranton, PA

In PA, the contracts have the usual elements. PM me and I will give you my ph#. I am happy to help anybody I can in PA.

PA title services


Most attorney offices in PA offer title services in addition to individual title companies. Costs range from approx. $250-450 to search/warrant title and close.
Because it has been awhile, I do not have any particular lawyer or title office to recommend.
There is an attorney in Scranton I had used for a non RE issue that also covers title work, but was slow to return my RE calls.
I am not ready to recommend him. There are some online directories that you can find lawyers on for Scranton.
Hope this helps.

Home in Norfolk

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I am interested in you home in norfolk, is this home on the MLS list?, Can you send me a little more info. about it.