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Kristin Hansen
Florida, Indiana
About Me: 

Many of us go through life thinking money will make us happier. Do we need money? Yes. But TIME is actually what we all need. Time to spend with our kids growing up; time to spend with our families; time to invest in our own hobbies; time to enjoy life wherever it takes us!

I found that I was chasing the wrong dream - I was chasing money because I thought that would make me happy. It turns out what I really wanted in life was TIME. Real Estate investing is a by-product of this. So now that my priorities are right, I'm having fun and making money. Ha! Go figure..

I am committed. I am focused. I am READY. Follow my personal journal at

Soccer. Tennis. Family. Ceramics. Warm weather. Living LIFE!

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Real Estate Investor
Completed College


How's everything going?

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Hey just want to see how you guys doing? and anything going on. I am working on one deal in Casselberry Florida,it's under contract and working on find cash buyer just beginning of the whole process. anyway good luck with everything keep up!!!!


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All is well! Thanks for checking in. We took a break for a minute in Orlando because we are finding VERY good deals in Indianapolis right now! Keep in touch

I'm so sorry to bother you..but I'm new :-(

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Hi again,

I apologize again! I just figured out how to properly post after trying to see how to post to DG to ask as well, I ended up looking at the forums again and finally clicked on the Everything Else topic (well, I thought it was a topic) and saw that I was able to post a thread there. So, I know it may have wrecked my still hurts..but I finally figured it out! lol...thanks again!

Be Blessed!


Hi Mrs. Kristin and Mr. Dave,

I don't mean to bother you, but I am new to this site, and I am about to have a migrain trying to understand how to create a new forum. The format on this site is not what I am used to. I do not see a create new/add topic anywhere and I have alot of questions regarding how to even get started with REI. Again, I apologize to have to bother you...but I truly do need help in finding out how to post a new thread.

Thanks for your time, patience and attention regarding this matter.

Be Blessed.



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Ready to kick butt AND take names in 2014!! The world offers us an abundance of resources, tools and people. Choose and use wisely!!! TAKE ACTION!

Good luck everyone! It's game time Smiling