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About Me: 

I am originally from Dallas, TX. I went to college in Virginia, then finished in Louisiana with a music degree. I then moved to Atlanta for a few years and did everything I could to "work up the ladder" in the corporate world. Hit my personal "top" but was working crazy hours with no life, then crashed with the dot com crash around 2000. Soon after, I began corporate recruiting in what I thought was my "ideal job", but I found that it wasn't fulfilling and I was still seeking more. I dropped everything to move to Nashville, wait tables, and pursue the business side of music. (yes, everyone thought I was crazy, but I have always been in pursuit of "the dream", and that dream slowly evolved into real estate!)

I purchased Dean's book in 2008. When focused, I can be very much a do-er, but just felt up until the end of 2009, that I didn't have enough "daytime" hours. I was working three jobs and treading water. After re-reading Matt Larson's story about all of his nights spent, I realized, I GOTTA GET ON IT! Time is what you make of it, if you want it badly enough!

Now, I have done 55+ deals since my first in late 2009, focusing on rehab to retail and rehab to rental. The cashflow from my latest rehabs to rental have allowed me to take off extra time for 2 kids born in the last 3 years (Zachary and Amelia, age 3 & 1). I am so blessed to have had Dean, his book, his Success Academy and his techniques enter my life. He has had such an incredible impact on our family and our finances, and I will be forever grateful.

This site is such an encouraging and knowledgeable space...and I thank Dean and his entire staff for supporting it and keeping it an amazing free resource. It really takes "giving back" to a whole new level. Thank you Dean!

I'm ready to bring my business to the next level!

My two kids, three and under! They are amazing! Health, fitness, music, entrepreneurship, leadership, history, biographies, and learning as much as I can!!

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Basic Info

I have done a little bit of everything - 22+ jobs! Entrepreneur at heart!
Have Child(ren)
Completed College

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In the Middle TN Area

Hello, Louisa my name is Brian Howard, I live 1.5hr west of Nashville, Extremly interested in the meetings, I'm a rookie invester, so not a whole lot of knowledge to offer, Just a strong desire to learn all i possibly can. my email is baldfade00@****

Hi Brian!

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Welcome Brian! If you'll send me your email address in a private message (it just does not come through if you post it here publicaly). Thank you! I contacted Lester too (the one who left a message above).

I've been in touch with the others on the list....a couple of us (that live in the area) have met up, but we'll definitely do it again.

I look forward to your private message with email...


middle tn investors group

hello, louisa my email address is baldfade@**** thks for the quick reply.


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I just wanted to stop by your guest page and wish you good luck on completing your 5 deal goal! It is great to have a goal and sharing it with others. As they say, "a dream is a goal with a deadline". If you commit to it, you can do it!.

Entrepreneurs worked harder than most, do what others don't want to do and often end up with what others desire and want from life. So keep up the good work.

Also, keep your goal of attending Dean's Gain the Edge event in 2010. I believe this event will be very motivational and life changing for DG Members. Continued success and we look forward to reading about your future deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

In Middle Tn. Area

Hi Louisa, I live about 15-20 miles east of Nashville, and noticed you will be meeting at the court house tommorrow, well I just noticed that, and don't have time to look for 5 FSBO's and searching info and them, so I will have to meet you some other time. I have been interest in R/E for many years, but always stop moving forward because of the legal matters of setting up your business. I live from pay check to pay check, no savings, so I can't afford to make any mistakes, so I always put it off. But this time I am doing more research on it, and hope to finish Deans Book soon, and start with some lease to own houses first, or learn to flip a few properties to make a quick profit. If we meet I will be learning from you, coz I am very new at this and somewhat illiterate to it but willing to learn. You are very good at making plans and setting goals, Your doing a Great Job! I haven't gotten to that point yet. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon.
Time to go to my J.O.B.

Joe - thank you for your encouragement!!

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I appreciate it! You know, this real estate stuff seems to go through multiple phases....on a first read, it's absolute excitement - the excitement of reading Dean's books, realizing the possibilities, and getting started with a journal and/or your list of action items and activities. It can carry you through a couple months.

And then you "crash" a little, especially when you are working hard. I know it is the hard work that will pay off, but there seems to be a wall of obstacles when you get into it, that you don't understand...and you know there are answers out there to get this 100% financing to work and/or getting these properties locked up --- but they come slowly sometimes and you can get discouraged.

I have to keep reaching out to the Success Academy for sure! And don't get me wrong, I am very inspired, and I will do everything to "make myself stay motivated" and get these five deals done followed by many more.

I'm just having a few down moments, so it's great to hear of your recent success, and especially your personal encouragement on this page. It means the world and I SOOOO appreciate it!

I will definitely be at the Edge event in 2010! My goal is to put some money aside from one of my deals so that I can make sure I will be there!

Thanks again Joe!


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Oh, I hope you will absolutely JOIN us for our next meeting in Nashville - it is this Friday. Our small group is all very new to real estate and just starting, so please don't be intimidated or feel you need to prepare...we meet to help everyone at any level and new people can always come and "sit in".

Here's the post for our group meeting Friday.


Even if you can only come for part of it, I do hope you will come! Don't worry about any of the "prep" if you don't have time...just come and introduce yourself, pick up anything you may learn from our session and we look forward to meeting you!!

Hope to see you then or at any of our upcoming meetings. We should be meeting every Friday at 11:00am at varying locations.

Best wishes to you as you get rolling!

you are very encouraging

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I wanted to thank you and say you are very encouraging. I love your attitude

Mike - thanks so much!

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I appreciate it! Thanks for the note! I'm impressed that you joined this place just days ago and you ALREADY have a silver medal!! WOW! It took me a couple months. Means you are on the action/participation FAST train...and more power to you! Just reading your journal and the progress so far is contagious! Congrats on meeting not one but TWO agents that want to work with you. It's amazing how your attitude can really help everything to "work itself out"!


Right Back At Ya!

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Hey Louisa!!

Thanks so much for all the kind things you have said and words of encourqagement! You are one heck of a young lady and it's almost obvious that you will be very successful. I have been on a little hiatus from DG since tax extension day is October 15th, but I promise I'll be back soon. That may not necesssarily make everyone happy!! lol

Yes, triplets, but don't forget my 8 year old little girl as well. I love them dearly and would not change anything, but man, at 3 years old, and of course, 3 of them, they are simply little "Demons" right now!! Smiling I really don't know how to control it, so I try to just go with the flow and not fight it too much knowing that they will soon (hopefully) outgrow it. Here is looking to their 4th B-day!! lol

Anyway, just wanted to reply back to ya and say hi! Keep doing what you are doing becuase you definately help to inspire many people out there. Let me know if you ever need some accounting / tax questions answered or anything else, and I'll try to help out as much as I can!!

Take care & God Bless!!



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Thank you for the nice words and reply!! Thank you for the "inspiring" compliment...I really appreciate it. Sometimes I feel like I'm struggling so much at this (I don't show everything in my journal Smiling so when I hear something like that, it lifts me up...thank you!

It is always great to hear from you and we miss you on the site! But I also understand your busy season too --- Today's the big day!!! Minutes away from being over...or a couple hours in your neck of the woods. Sleep well tonight!!

Ha! (on your kids) Oh, yes, could not forget your 8 year old...she is also adorable in your family pic, and I am sure she is a BIG help with the little ones! Your wife must really appreciate her help too! My cousin just had a 4th baby, and her 3 year old little girl just loves to help her Mom with the new baby. It is very cute the roles they take on so early!

Thank you on the accounting/tax questions!! When I get these deals done, I will definitely need a little advice! Thanks much for the offer!

Cheers to tax season being over for now and YOU back on the site Smiling Smiling We'll be eagerly awaiting your next moves in your journal.

investment gropus

where is this group meeting and when. I work 6 days a week from 11am to 730pm and I needhelp

Nancy - Our Local DG Meeting

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Thanks for the post...I also replied directly on the REI Club site under the TN group too.


Here's the info...(we post each week the time/place and address of the following weeks' meeting). Take a look at the REI Club site as I have posted more there for you. Bottom line - it is free and we always welcome new members! We just get our own coffee and join in the disucssion....we are all just starting.

Right now we meet Fridays 11-1pm, so come on lunch break if you are able. We may start having Saturday meetings and/or alternate between meeting times to accommodate schedules.

Hope to see you soon!


Portland Brew - East
We'll be at a table UPSTAIRS!
1921 Eastland Ave
Nashville, TN 37206
(615) 262-9088

Free Wi-Fi
I'll have my purple laptop again in case we have any new members joining us...look for the purple!

FOCUS this meeting:

Nashville Huh?

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It would be great to do a deal with your, a guy at my REI group has a property there and he wants to sell it, maybe we can deal or I will give set him up with you.

www.bobrossinvesting.com {my number is on the site}

Bob! Thank you...

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for the note...I will be in touch soon!! Thanks for thinking of me!

Hi Louisa

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Thanks for the sweet words you gave on my page & it's always go to see that your moving forward with REI & not giving up. If you never heard this before, the success is in the follow up so stay persistant at what your doing because you will see big results soon. I hope you & your hubby are doing good, wish you guys all the best Smiling I look forward to reading more in your journal about your deals.

Everyone Can Make A Difference!
John A.

John, thank you!

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This was such a nice note to read...thank you very much!!

Look forward to keeping up with you and all you have going on. Thanks for being such a great support to so many people on this site. I see you reaching out and posting a lot.

Always feel free to drop a line, and I'll do the same.



Hi Louisa,

I have just read what you wrote to my buddy Marc in his "hit roadblocks" thread! You wrote some really supportive things, Smiling

Now, you are one of my favorite people on this site! As you know from being a regular here that is high praise indeed! There are some amazing members of this site and I have made some amazing friends here. Now I am happy to be getting to know you too! Smiling



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Needed to say good luck and wish you the best..

12.10.09 Posting

I have been combing through the site reading everyone's post for awhile now, and I came across yours to Suzi on the 10th. Like you, It's taken me a few months to put what I'm reading into action—months of "pep talks" in my head.

You mentioned in your post that you look at 40-80 properties/wk and land 1-3 contracts.

What resources do you find most effective for finding that many properties every week? I'm having no problem finding buyers, but it's the sellers I'm having a hiccup with, and I don't want to lose the interest of my buyers.

Any comments would be very much appreciated.

Hi Candace!

louisajhc's picture

Thanks for the note and sorry for absence here on the site, hence my slow reply back! I should be back on in full force, and back to my journal writing this next week.

Ah....the 40-80 properties per week was back in the day (April thru July of 2009) when I was working for a real estate investment company specifically on locking up foreclosure properties for short sale, and out of all my contracts landed for that company within 4 months time (I believe it was 21 or so)...NOT EVEN ONE OF THEM came through!!! I was the front end, locking up the contract, and this company was the back end, doing the negotiating with the bank. It was the back end that never came through for me. I was to get paid a fair commission of 25% of the profits, of course at the end of a deal that worked out. None of them worked out. So needless to say, after spinning my wheels for four months and putting a LOT of miles on my car without any pay (not one dollar) to show for it despite these signed contracts, I left to pursue investing on my own. While I was frustrated at the time (not to mention needed some money!), I felt much worse for the homeowners because they lost their homes. It was debilitating to want to help them, but after a few months, realizing the "back end" wasn't doing their part, and was letting a lot of homeowners down...my stomach would knot up on their auction dates. And telling them was much worse than me not making a dime. I wanted so badly to help them and knew I had just chosen the wrong resource to work with. I don't regret the experience, and my defeat with that company is when I re-discovered Dean and this site!! So I'm definitely POSITIVE about my experience! I just pray those homeowners have found some peace since then.

The resource I used for finding houses that were immediately in foreclosure status, was the attorneys/firms that ran the auctions. In my city (this may apply to other cities as well), I found out where auctions were held (county courthouse, and outside the steps of a large auditorium), and then found out the names of the attorneys running the auction. Then I went to their websites. This is where it got kind of tricky. I searched HARD on their sites for foreclosures (not just the page where it stated their services for foreclosures), but actual foreclosure listings. If I couldn't find them, I made a simple call to the attorney's office to ask where on their website their foreclosure listings for my city and/or county were posted. I found that there were about 5 solid attorneys that held auctions in my city regularly (collectively up to 4 times a week). The listings usually listed the address of the home, and the people's names, and their auction date. It was critical to check these lists first thing in the morning to get the "new houses listed" because most had no more than 30-60 days before auction date, and the sooner I reached them and got a signed contract the more time we had to help them. So literally the day of the new listing, I sent a letter, and showed up at their doorstep within a few days dropping another letter if they weren't there. Honestly, this is very hard work! There are many more techniques that don't involve you actually showing up on doorsteps and putting 100 miles a day on your car! I have decided to step away from foreclosures and pursue other avenues now.

The short sale process, even when successful can take months and some of the top contributors on this site don't pursue them for that reason (or only do 1 or 2 a year in addition to much more business otherwise). If you're looking for money within the next month to few months, I would pursue other avenues (or at least tackle another area as well while you are pursuing short sales if you choose to) as short sales can take a long time to finally pay off as negotiations with banks can take so long.

Hope that answers your questions and helps some!

Best of luck to you!

To the previous post wishing me luck..

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Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it!


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Thank you so much for your comment here and my apologies for falling off this site just after you wrote your sweet note Smiling

I have seen some of your comments back and forth with Marc in his journal as well, and am really glad you wrote me! Glad to be connected with you and always enjoy connecting with another fellow DG family member who is as active and supportive to others as you are!

I should be back in full force writing in my journal again and communicating regularly here on the site.

I'm currently working on a rehab...should be on the market by the end of January and want to get more in the mix in 2010 starting now!!! More to share next week on what has gotten me sidetracked the last month (but all good things).

Look forward to being in touch and keeping up with your success as well!




Just seeing your journal postings today and wishing that I had the time to read through it this morning.

WOW! This site is moving so fast, if you don't check in often you miss a lot and then have to take the time to catch up with everyone!

CONGRATULATIONS! ... a rehab! Eye-wink

A rehab to be on the market by the end of the month is AWESOME of course, but my CONGRATULATIONS is really all about your baby news. Smiling

Good Grief! Talk about life changing events, January 2010 is only half way through and you have huge things going on in your life! I can hardly wait to read your year in review come December - can you imagine? Smiling


Meeting the 8th of Feb?

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Louisa, My wife and I are hoping to be at the REIN the meeting of the 8th. Only problem is the time frame. Its on a monday and we have a son. Have a few deals working and would love to network with some of the investors over there. If we are able to make it wondering if you would guest sponsor us?

Meeting the 8th of Feb?

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Louisa, My wife and I are hoping to be at the REIN the meeting of the 8th. Only problem is the time frame. Its on a monday and we have a son. Have a few deals working and would love to network with some of the investors over there. If we are able to make it wondering if you would guest sponsor us?

Angela & Edwin

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Angela ---Thank you so much for the sweet note!! I'll have to look for you more here...I've been short on time in journals lately, so I've missed your great input and comments and would love to see what you have in the works, yourself! Hope you are going to The Edge? Thanks much on the congrats on rehab and baby stuff! I appreciate it so much. Look forward to meeting you one of these days!! Best to you and your goals this month and this year!

Edwin ---sure! I would be happy to meet up with you and your wife and welcome you as a guest to the upcoming REI meeting on Feb. 8th. I just shot you an email too so hopefully we can sync up soon if indeed that date works for you all. I look forward to meeting you! Louisa

hey Louisa

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How about trying Tax sales That might be so easy And so much cheaper!! Just a thought! I want to invest in all the southern states I,m in Alabama!!! ROLL TIDE! I have bought in Arkansas My next place is Ga> Then Tenn. Then Kentucky, And so on So on!!!

when and where is your next meeting

Hi Louisa,The last time I contacted you you were having meetings on Fridays,up until now I have been having to work, the last meeting I seen posted was in Feburary, I hope they will be still on Fridays or Saturdays. Are you still having meeting? If so please let me know, I still haven't taken the first step, so I have never closed on a deal, I guess I'm scared I may make a costly mistake, so searching for answers and maybe a mentor to show me how to complete a deal, so That I would know the steps to take. I'm mostly interested in flipping deals to other investors, and courious about doing short sales and foreclosers. My e-mail is Redball76@**** Thanks Floyd


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It was so nice to meet you in person at the Gain the EDGE event 2010! We just wanted to stop by your guestpage and wish you continued success with real estate investing. We look forward to reading about your future real estate deals, so keep up the good work! Believe and Achieve! Your friends, Joe and Stacey

Joe & Stacey

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You both are amazing! Thank you for stopping by to say hello. I'm thrilled to have met you both at The Edge, and hope you continue to be as richly blessed as you bless others so often with your kindness, encouragement, and great wisdom.

Thanks again!

Hi Louisa

cbrindamour's picture

It was great to finally meet in person. Thanks for all your posts! See you on the stage next year!


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It was so nice to meet you this past weekend. Good luck with your REI and that little one that is coming in July. How exciting for both adventures.

Take care and see you next year same place, same seat, right by the fire pit.


Chris & Stacey

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Chris ---It was great meeting you too! I look forward to continuing to follow your journal, and yes, see you on the stage as well! Smiling Good to hold one another accountable to that, you know?! I'm so fired up, I feel like the Edge just ended yesterday! Not enough time in a day! Can't wait until next year!

Stacey --Thanks so much Stacey! Yes, same place, same seat, by the fire pit! Absolutely. So great meeting you as well. Look forward to seeing you guys on the stage again...loved your presentation! My husband and I were on a mini-vacation this past weekend, and I saw Joe's post in your journal...was reading it from my phone...the one with the Winnie the Pooh quotes. He thought I was going to go into a spiel about real estate (I get really excited as usual) and he said "I can't focus on that right now" Smiling and I said...no, really, this is really important! I read those quotes to him...I started crying reading the second quote...and he did too!! (it takes him a lot to cry!) He was like...."wow, that's not a journal entry...that's an anniversary card!" You two are the best. Thanks for sharing so openly with us here!

Taking Over Memphis,TN

Trump Jr.'s picture

Hi, Group i am so ready to take over Memphis its a crime hahaha, However; I am New and having problems on my nexts step. Lets vent for a second.....

Ok, I have read Deans book and have tons of buyers. I have a lot of bird dogging properties that are not mind. How can i places my buyers in a house of there dreams?

First, Do I tell them that they have to get approve first?

Second, after the first step which form to pull off the site?

Thirdly, Do I need a RE Attorney & Mortgage broker? example: some guy said if i was doing this without license it could be a fine?

Fourth, What to say or give to the agent or owner or bank to get paid for selling their house on the market.

Hi :)

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Hi, Louisa, nice to meet you, too Smiling Congrats on the new baby. Mine are grown and no lil grand babies (yet).

Thanks for stopping by my guestbook. Thanks also for the encouragement with the RESA. I haven't done much on there at all since the beginning, it's a long story. But, I really have been feeling like I should get back in there and JUST DO IT!

Anyway, stop by anytime Smiling

P.S. I noticed your profile states that you have no children. You should change that, now! Smiling

Any upcoming REI meetings?

Hi Louisa,

It was nice seeing someone here on DG representing Tennessee. I was hoping to see if there are any more meetings planned in the TN area. Looking forward to getting more involved, as I am new to the area. I hope all is going good with you and your investing journey! Hope to hear from you!

Thank you,

~May he grant you your hearts desires and fulfill all your plans~

love your website and the name

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Hi Louisa,
I love your website. I signed up on the site a while back, but am new to using it. I'm not site savvy yet, not even sure how I got to your page but glad I did.
Are you still doing RE? Or are you taking a break?
I am in NJ and am hoping to find a group like the one your started in your area. You are clearly an inspriration to many people.
Please let me know if your website generates leads.
All the best to you and your family,

General Partners

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I know that this doesn't pertain to you, but who do you know that wants to make 10-40% ROI on their investments in 6 months or less, and the investment is secured by real estate?

Please have them PM me. If we agree that we have a fit, I will provide them a copy of the purchase agreement, contractor estimates, project plan as well as a link to recent photos/video of the subject project.

Please note that general partnerships will project specific and the expected ROI is dependent on said project and investment amount.

Thanks and please forward to anyone interested.

Remember to have all general partners to PM me and I will either call them, email them, or PM them in return.

Hello Louisa

evolkers's picture

Hello Louisa,
How are you I read a post you replied on and you said you did 10 deals that is Awesome. What was your first deal? Looking to network. Have investors and am adding to buyers list. I think your in TN just wanted more contacts there. I am wholesaling and will buy 1 cash flow property by end of year.

God Bless

Eric V

Looks like I'm behind on this page!!

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So sorry for everyone who has posted to my guestbook this past year!!! For some reason, we are not notified of guestbook postings, only of PMs. I just happened to look on this page (December 2011!!)

I have some nice messages here ---thank you very much!! Trump Jr., Nicole, Cathy, Eric ---WELCOME!!! I have not taken a break from RE. I am definitely working it!! I have just taken a hiatus from this site as my time has been more limited after having a baby last year.

I have recently finally updated my journal (Dec. 2011) which really outlines my first deal and walks through the past few years, so feel free to write me there (See Member Journals ----LEFT of your screen in the SECTIONS) or send me a PM.

Always glad to network.

Cheers to your success!!

Is this Middle TN REI group actively meeting?


Hello...I live in Laverne TN an am interested in meeting with other middle TN Real Estate investors for the purpose of sharing information and resources. Please let me know. My last post was removed because I had my contact info in it.