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I have been studying Real Estate since high school. While in high school everyone was making money in Real Estate. I knew a J.O.B. was not the way out, so I have been studying and learning Real Estate since. Unfortunately, by the time I graduated in 2007 the economy was going down hill fast. I got my real estate license and didn't do anything with it because I knew there were better ways of making money in real estate than driving people around to search for houses.

Now I am an active realtor and specialize in fixer uppers and work directly with investors. I have studied Dean's techniques for years and figured that I'd might as well master the real estate agent side since I already have a license. You can make a lot more money as an investor, so my strategy will change within time. Currently I am helping investors in Orange County CA and the Inland Empire find great deals. I help other wholesalers make a bird dog fee and assignment of contract fee's. If you are from the Southern CA area and are serious, with a big buyers list, PM me, I understand all of Dean's techniques and will submit all your offers. I know how this game is played and want to be a winner just as bad as you do.

Real Estate Investing, Baseball, Cincinnati Reds, Anaheim Angels, USC Trojans football, and going to the beach

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Can you think of creative ways to buy a home w/ 520 credit score

I love using creative ideas to solve problems. I love to think outside the box to get an advantage over people who think like everyone else. I really enjoyed watching Nathan Street speak about creative financing at the EDGE 2011.

I was watching deans media and saw several videos about people buying homes with a 520 credit score and with hardly any money down. Now I want to see if we can come up with ideas to make this possible. A lot of us here, like myself, don't have 700+ credit scores and don't have a lot of start up money.

Now it's your turn to think outside the box. Anyone and everyone please post your creative ideas of getting a house with a 520 credit score.