Sean Bearden
Tulsa, OK
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Im young and ambitious. Im from Tulsa, OK. And I wanna change the world one property at time....

Ok, so Im new to this game they call "REAL" estate. I say its a game for a reason and I hope not to offend, but it is. If its not a game youre not havin fun. Ok, so Im new to this game they call "REAL" estate and Im super stoked to get in it. Ok well really in it. Ive been around houses since I was old enough to pick up a hammer. I LOVE HOMES AND PROPERTIES AND EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM!!!!... Now that thats out of the way, Ive been around homes since I was a yougin. My dad was a master carpenter and I loved what he did. I have to say thats literally the best thing he ever contributed to my life. My father was an absentee father but thats another story entirely. And not one you'll want to hear twice... But that was the best thing and I thank the lord he gave that to me. Its why I am where I am to this day. Which is not exactly the best spot to be in, let me tell ya. Did I mention Im a newbie? But I only intend to take that thing that my father taught me and take it to a place that knows no bounds. I mean it. Everyone, I am but a humble apprentice...mold me into the person I can see myself being. And I mean I can see it...I will take every piece down and cherish it like gold, like its coming straight from the mouth in the same room as Dean Graziosi himself. Help me, so I can help my friends and family and we can help the world(a little over the top but what can I say, I feel how I feel)....

***UPDATE*** I am near the finish line of closing my first assignment deal!! Its looking to be a big pay out, hopefully. That is, if I do everything correctly. Soon after that I should be closing on a couple more and picking up a few more under contract!! I will be updating as I go on here hopefully. As I dont want you guys to miss out on the good part. After all, it was you all who taught me a lot of what I know today. So thank you everyone for your contribution to the success of this business. I will do everything I can to return the favor to you and everyone I meet in the future. I will be starting a journal on here soon like a starting gun to start a race, that is my REI career, and that has no finish line. Not knowing at all how far this long distance sprint will take soon

Sean Bearden
Shui the Builder

"Real" Estate and everything in between!

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Owner/Operator of Beardenco Property Redevelopment and Remodeling
No Children
Some College


I wanna change the world,


I wanna change the world, one property at a time....

Thank you.


Thanks for the tip and thanks for the welcome. Always put things into consideration. They may change your life.



Im gonna be callin all you guys by youre user name. Hope that doesnt offend...I hope it doesnt, you picked it. But I know thats not your real name. Obvi...thats right I said it. Its kinda cool though cause its your nickname that you picked.....


PS...Ive changed my mind...only if youre royalty on this website(and I know who they are[Ive got eyes and ears!]) will I be addressing you by your first name...Good day to you! I mean that...have a good day!

PPS...Ive changed my mind again. I will be using nicknames from time to time but I will still use first names with everybody (not just our royalty). It feels more comforting and more warm to use the firsts. Thats all I have to say about that (I promise).

Welcome Braddah Sean

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Glad that you're in the right place. Keep in mind that this is no accident. You've been appointed to be here in a time such as this. If you love & have faith in the One who gave us life in the 1st place, then He is the One that has sent you here. As long as you're aware that He has plans for you (Jer 29:11), He will be faithful to complete it!



Promises are as empty and hollow as the words that say them....actions speak louder than words.

Sean Bearden
Shui the Builder



Let me ask you something, what does that stand for?(your UN) If you dont mind me askin? I believe that everything is fated. Fated by the lord. I use you as a vessel for him to speak through and I heard it loud and clear. HE did send me here. He sent me here to tear things up (in a good way) in "REAL" estate. Pre, thanks for delivering his message. Hes got really quick mail carriers. Thanks.

Sean Bearden
Shui the Builder

PS. Where are you from? Is business good?
PPS. Glad I met a fellow brother...

Hi Sean

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or should I say Shui? Eye-wink
welcome to this site; as you have probably found out already, there is so much great information here, and an amazing number of re investors who share their knowledge here.
Hopefully you have already read some, if not all, of Dean's books, especially his newest, 30 Days to RE Cash, which is a guide to wholesaling. This book will give you a step by step how to get started...

wishing you great success,

Hello Sean, Was reading

Hello Sean,
Was reading through some forums and seen that you were in the Tulsa Area. My husband and I are doing the same program as you are, we are on page 4. We haven't had time to find a REI here and if you know of one that would be awesome if you could pass along the info.

We are looking in the Bartlesville and Owasso areas as well as looking into Tulsa. We would love to meet up with you one day if posssible. Nice to know other people who are doing this (all our friends think we are crazy...we'll show them how crazy we are when we close our first deal!)
Please feel free to PM me if you are interested in meeting. We can exchange contact info then.
Have a super day and GO GET EM!!
Shereen And Doug Skorpack