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Jason Smith
Kalamazoo, MI
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Hello Everyone:

I'm 24 and from Kalamazoo MI. I always knew real estate was the "money maker" for lots of people.I started making some extra cash (while in college)in the note business(secondary market) Brokering notes for a fee, I got really good at it, so I decide to do it full time ( full time right now) and hope one day have enough money to buy my own to keep or sell. I knew that the money was in buying and holding than selling them for profit. I didn't have a lot of money nor had great credit(collage/TO much partying/credit DEBT) to finance them. I knew that I have to make a change, to reach my goal in 6yrs (I want to retired) and do it like NOW. One night I was going over a note that I was trying to sell and I saw dean's ad on the TV. I was like "what does this guy know that I don't know, I have read so many books and programs about real estate. But for some reason their was something about dean that I knew he was trying to really make a difference. He ACTUALLY WANTED to help that average person, and I was that average person. Don't get me wrong, I knew a lot about the secondary market that many people overlooked. I always wanted to OWN SOMETHING, something that I can call my-own. I got his book BARM and one thing about this book, its so easy to read. I always had trouble reading things like this in school. I didn't realize that I didn't know a lot about my OWN profession too ( that kinda SUCKS). I also got his new book profit from RE right NOW and its AWESOME. I haven't made a deal yet I'm still learning the process, hopefully really SOON. Only thing I can say is if it wasn't for me taking a chance on a late night show I would have never purchase the book.--Jason

Want to take care of my ENTRIE FAMILY!!!

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Note Broker & RE Investor
No Children
Some College
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Hello Everyone

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Trying to take all this in

Star's Real Estate Agent Letter

Star's Real Estate Agent Letter is this letter available in a pdf download file?