“What’s Your Take On The Newsletter Dean Gave Away On Oct 8th?

As promised, today you get your first gift in my
my first ever Success Fest 2009!"

It's a very special newsletter I labored over for
20 plus hours to create.

I did it because I want your success to "take flight"
if you have already had a taste of success in real estate
i want to help you to soar to new heights.

So in keeping with that theme, I wrote the newsletter
to help make that happen for you.

NOTE: You have to go to the link below to get it.

Why? Am I making you go to a link rather than just
sending the newsletter?

Because it requires action on your part.

I'm not trying to make it complicated or difficult.

I just don't want you to think success comes
without any effort, even great rewards begin with
simple actions.

I created this newsletter after spending a week
flying around the country meeting my students
and listening to their success stories.

Here is the link to grab your copy. Get it now:


When you get there, put in your first name and
your email address so I can make sure a real person is
requesting this report!

Talk Soon,
Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert
Call my success academy any time at 1.800.315.7782

PS This is just the beginning. Wait until you
see what I do next week - here's a hint, think

CLICK BELOW to go get your copy of the newsletter.

Thanks so much for the

Thanks so much for the newsletter. I appreciate all the work and resources you have put in to inspire and inform all of us. I am eagerly anticipating the next goodie.

Very Vey Inspiring!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to put this all together. It is very inspirational! It is such an amazing feeling to experience. A new direction and hope has been restored in my life! I feel so blessed to have been able to see this amazing opportunity in my lifetime. I am in the right place and time. Thank you again for just believing in yourself. You have given us the tools to forever change our lives. Always the best to you and family.............Lubertha

only 20 hours?!

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Just got done reading it, and that newsletter should have a price tag on it! Its amazing how many free things you give away for free on this site. Thanks Dean and the whole community for sharing everything!


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Wow-once I started reading I couldnt stop! Thanks so much Dean for taking us on the journey with you through this newsletter. I can hear some success stories multiple times and still get something new from them and as always they fire me up to make more deals. Thanks Dean for your generosity of time, spirit and knowledge!

Overwhelming! Warmth! Commitment! Diligence!

Hi Dean,

The newsletter is very well put together. Who wouldn't be in complete awe when reading what obstacles were overcome. I Love It! Thank you so much for all you do. Thanks also to all the DG students who shared they're experience with others to say: "Now I'm Passing The Baton For You to Run With It."

"No is never an option, it's Yes And AMen"

DG members in charlotte N.C.?

Hello All,

DG members in charlotte N.C. please reply. Thank you.

"No is never an option, it is Yes and AMen."

Never Fail To Motivate!

I am one of those who has read every real estate book on earth and have attended many "real estate" seminars. I have invested in Florida only to lose my shirt on a pre construction investment. One that I will lose to foreclosure since it is so upsidedown. Needless to say has put my credit in the garbage and should have put my desire to be a real estate investor dreams in the garbage as well. I will not let this stop me. I still believe real estate can give me the future I want. Dean, you keep me believing and inspire me to push forward. I fully intend to follow your blueprint to success. Thanks again for being the "push" we all need.

Kevin O

Excellent Newsletter

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The information you continue to supply us is very motivational. It is good to know that if any of us hit a bump in the road, Dean, nor anyone else on this site will let us give up our goal of being a successful investor. Thank you Dean and all the DG family.


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So I got the email this morning and I downloaded and printed it out but I went to work today so I havent had the chance to read it until now.. Smiling

Im excited about it Smiling


I agree with all the other comments. You never said this would be easy. Amazingly you continue to assure us that we can succeed. This assurance and the blueprints you give us is what we need. I know that these methods work. I really appreciate the inspiration to keep on. I am trucking on inspite of all the naysayers. I have several possible deals in the works after only three weeks. Thanks.


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Awesome newsletter. Jan and I are very happy to be a part of it. It is great how you arranged to meet your students. It was a pleasure, and I enoyed reading all of the other success stories. See you soon.



Thanks Dean for providing this website and the tools of the trade. Like Jeremy said and I echo the same sentiments, it was indeed a pleasure to be part of this great experience. The newsletter which paid some attention to detail was well compiled. It's insightful attention grabbers not only focused on the life of real estate, but provided for me a recipe for cooking Parmesan Chicken. Dean, through this example, you eloquently drew for us the importance of having the correct ingredients which will produce the positive outcome. Congrats to all the DG members for taking that first step in your career of real estate investing, and I will like to wish you all success in this venture. Thanks again to Dean's team for making this occasion memorable for all of us. God Bless.



Thank you so much Dean!

I'm half way thru the newsletter and it is just TERRIFIC. There is so much wealth here from you and all the students. I feel so blessed to be a part of this family.

Again, thank you for all you do and the DG members. Stay focused. Keep AIMING high.

*The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go. – Dr. Seuss


LOVE it!

louisajhc's picture


Thank you for putting so much passion in all you do in getting such great information out there for us.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate this newsletter and even beyond the amazing info, just the fact that you spent the time on such a trip and felt the need to share it with us instantly shows your sincerity in "wanting to help" and really means the world when we're at home "working it" to make things happen!!

Beyond inspiring, motivating and passionate, this newsletter is ABSOLUTELY packed with great information on exactly HOW your students succeded.

We can't thank you enough Dean!

Thank you for the newsletter!

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Dean and team,

I read the newsletter on the train into work this a.m. I love being able to start my day with RE and motivation provided by DG! As others have said, it was very motivating. And the wonderful thing is, I know for a fact just by being on this site every day for many months how true and real each of these people and their stories are. It's inspiring! And the one thing everyone has in common is...action. It all happens by actually taking steps to make it happen and that's something we can all do.



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Thank you Dean for the Newsletter. I am so inspired I want to start acting like the Taz devil and go around spinning doing Real Estate deal damages lol.
Great stories, common factors I noticed are: always believe in you, believe it can be done no matter where you live and above all take action!
I have been victim of the analysis paralysis for months now but recently I've started to take action joining and attending to RE club meetings, looking at expired listings through my RE agent (that I met in a local RE club) and meeting with potential buyers; I feel that I am closer than ever from my first deal.

Thanks again for the newsletter.


"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop" -Confucius-

Thanks Dean - You've Done It Again

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Dean, thanks so much for putting together the newswletter. You're hard work has paid off, and it has made me get the burning desire again for real estate investing. Once I get my first deal done, I will upload a video for you. If I can do it anyone can do it. My credit sucks, my husband and I are beyond broke and so broke that my ex husband knocked my front teeth out and I don't have the money to get them fixed. Having broken out teeth is not stopping me from doing any deals. Currently I am putting together a wholesale deal - bought the property for 5k, and found a cash buyer for 10k. That's a 5k profit for me which may not seem like alot of money for alot of people, but for me with the situation I am in now, is. Destrie

Great information!

Thanks for sharing Dean!


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Pure awesomeness!!!

Thanks Dean

Once again you given us great examples of why we need to get off our asses (can I say that!) and go out and do it. Theses stories are pure motivation. Keep 'em coming!


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You are the best inspiring person! I loved reading how these people (normal people like anyone of us)have made it work for themselves. We all can do this we just need to sometimes get out of our own way...

"We don't do anyone anygood pretending to be less than we are"


inspiring yes, but no how to's. lots of success stories, but no details. most of the people had homes, heloc, borrowed from relitives, or have had real estate already. what about the man, woman, who has none of the above.

Lease Options/Assignments/Seller Financiing

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It is inspiring...I agree. However, the people that don't have any money, have bad credit, and have no houses can still play the game. Instead of buying and holding, you can do assignments (that's what I do) and I control all my properties with lease options. Something to think about. I'm sure people will be buy to get you lots of other info.

Thanks Dean !!

I loved the newsletter . It was filled with great info , motivation and inspiration..

Another wonderful gift from Dean.

Randy S.
Elkton , MD

Thanks Dean

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The newsletter was vary inspirational I could not stop reading it. When times get tuff, dealing with banks,realtors and everyone else you are working on deals with, it is good to here the success stories.

Keep us going Dean
Thank you

Steve and Veronica.

Dean you knock us out!!!

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Thanks Dean for sharing your experience with us. You should feel very proud of what your accomplishing in people’s lives. But, I get the feeling your not a prideful man at all, you’re a giving man which is the best kind to be. Thanks for putting that bounce back into my step again because life is looking up.

Thanks Dean

I really appreciated it and found it very inspiring.


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Thank Dean you have proven time after time
that you want to help people like us and your energy in doing what you do has proven your
commitment you Rock Dean

You are Dean

We all can be Dean and the other student names.Real estate has been around and going to be around for a time,Dean has taken REI and put his touch on it,Thanks Dean for Thinking outside the BOX(Why settle,When you can win).Anything is possible...

Thanks Dean!!

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Thanks for staying true to your word and sharing what it takes for newbies and everyone else to reach their full potential as REI's.
You are creating a whole new class of millionaires who give much more back than can ever be taken and for that i am grateful.


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