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Northern Utah
About Me: 

I have been involved in Real Estate since 1993.
I have bought and sold many homes, had some rentals.
I spent time as a mortgage loan officer (to learn how that industry worked).
I have brokered seller financed notes. I learned a ton about creative real estate from this.
I have brokered hard money loans beginning in 1995.
Since 2006 I have been a Realtor. I have flipped houses since 1997. I got my license to get first access to REO properties. Have since realized it is a way to make pretty good money (my commissions are like wholesaling), along with investing. It does have it's limitations, but I don't regret my decision. I also work with house flippers. They like working with me, because I know their game.
I do most of my business north of Salt Lake City, but will go to Salt Lake City if necessary.

Basic Info

Realtor, Investor
Have Child(ren)
Some College

Sites I Visit

Mainly Just This One


Your Experience....

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Is very noteworthy for all that is possible here.I'd like to team up with you. Thanx!

Your experience

Nice to hear from you. What kind of teaming do you have in mind?
Mr DJ L.

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Add us to your buyers and seller list asap

Your coming to the family reunion right in arizona
Dean is up grading keep learning.