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Born in 1976 from South Philadelphia.
Looking to network. Interested in wholesaling.

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No Children
Completed High School

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Mainly Just This One



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Enjoy your time here. I hope you have a successful experiance.

Happy new year.

Fellow Phanatic Welcome!

Just north of you up here in the Lehigh Valley.
I was born and raised in bucks cnty. Know the northeast area well, am a Eagles season ticket holder and a big fan of all philadelphia major sports.
I have a couple of contacts in Philadelphia that do
rei, i am just getting started in the area, would be very much interested in networking. My contact info. is mcar1254 which is where you can PM me.

What's happenin!!!!!!

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We are from CT but my son's family is down there, so we've been there quite a bit. Philly is a very Jazzy City. Anyway, hope all is going well with investing. Isn't it great. I love the name by the way. So tell me....what's the "DJ" about?


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My name is Anthony Garcia and I'm born and raised in Philadelphia, I'm in the northeast section rite now but I still can't seem to get my first deal off the ground. I was wondering if any of you fine people can give support or tips and trades of the investing business and help me come off the ground. I just recently found out that I'm going to be a father for the first time so I would like to be prepared for my child when he/she arrives. Any support or knowledge will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance and god bless

Feeling the pain

I also am new to REI. Have gone through the PMI education and have been fighting the issues of getting the first deal completed. I also am fighting the negativity of spouse and friends. When they ask for credit reports to be run I got the most resistants from the wife and "see they just want your money. I was unde the impresssion that they would help you get the financing. i was all gungho but have have been fighting demons.

Hello Just welcoming another

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Just welcoming another Philly person like ourselves. Myself and Leslie are also real estate investors in the philly area and have been involved with Dean G. since october. We too are interested in wholesaling and just made our first offer. Maybe we can help each other with advice and/or maybe even do some business together. Later!!