Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #107 - Seeds, Sales and Songs of Praise

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

This week Dean continues to urge us to plant seeds now for the coming New Year. Why wait for Jan 1st?

He talks about our Slack Friday sale and makes a point to thank the little people. (No, not Santa's elves), the team here at the home office who work tirelessly to help make things happen.

Honestly, it's dang hard to keep up with Dean, he is the hardest working man in real estate. So as he thanks us, we just say "right back at you Dean, you rock!" And for those of you who watch this blog, you rock too!

You Guys Are Great

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Jeremy and I and have had the awsome privilege to meet most of the DG staff on 2 or 3 occasions. They are a very dedicated hard working staff that always goes the extra mile to help you out with questions etc. It is no easy task keeping up with Dean I'm sure.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU, for what you do everday....Jan and Jeremy

Special THANK YOU! to Dean's Staff.

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Hi, All Happy Holidays!
A Special Thank you to all Dean's Staff. you guys are the ones that make things happen. Great Idea on the Slack Friday. Even thought it is a Job it is a Happy/good job. You make my ideas come a live. Keep the good work you are Great!

Love you all,Smiling

Thank you, Thank you,Happy Warm Wishes for the holiday and may the new year bring the best of everything!
Salud + Amor + Dinero= Felicidad!
Wenig Smiling

Thanks, and Merry Christmas

Hi, ... I'm a first time poster. Just wanted to thank the entire staff. You've been nothing but professional. Thanks again, and Happy Holidays.


Always a good experience

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Whether it's calling up the success academy or watching something like the EDGE event there is always quality information and production. That's probably why even when I would "slack off", I always came back and got re-motivated and I'm really starting to see results. So thanks Dean and your whole team for doing such a great job.

A simple Thank You

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Sometimes we say thank you, and it just seems like words, but this 'thank you' is from the heart which makes it packed full of meaning. This thank you is not only for what all of you have done throughout the past year, but a thank you in advance for what you will be doing this year. Dean, if it were not for you and your dedicated staff, I would not be motivated to take action this year. You are an awesome team that prove to us every day that you really care and encourage us. I can't wait to see what this year brings. I'm going to do everything I can to be one of your top students this coming year!

Thank you!

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Thank you DG Family Staff for all the you do.
Have a very Happy & Safe Holiday Season.

What do you do when you investor pulls OUT. We are suppose to close tomorrow. Any Ideas its $30,000.00 deal we can flip it for 45,000.00 just needs some tlc. Offering 6% short term. Any advice would be great send me a Private Message if you have any ideas.
Thank you,
Have a great day!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Thank you Dean and all the wonderful staff at I appreciate all that you do for us every day and especially when I call with a question or a problem. Thank you and may God bless each and everyone of you this Christmas.


Hello to all

This message is to everyone in the staff at DG. Thank yall for being there for all. Your expertise and professional is great. The time yall take to help everyone. I think Dean is one of the best. Have a Happy Holiday to all. Carol in Texas

Thank you

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This thank you goes out to the team and personnel that puts this website together, HOLLER. Thanks Dean and staff

The Staff Rocks

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Thank you guys. Jan and I have met some of you and we see all of you guys working soo hard. You never stop and you guys are always loving what you do. Here is to 2011.

Jeremy and Jan

Many Thanks

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Absolutely...thanks to all the DG team. Great job!! Happy Holidays...All! Keep up the great work.

Yolie (also in Texas)

Thanks for Slack Friday

Dean and Employees:

Thank you for having Slack Friday. It is a great privilege to be able to buy Dean's products at a 40% discounted price. I want to thank Dean's employees for coming up with the Slack Friday idea, and thinking of ways to help new and current real estate investors acquire more practical knowledge that can be applied to earn cash or accumulate wealth. Also, would like to thank Dean for allowing his products to be sold at a 40% discount.

Dean and your employees are blessing us with opportunities to afford buying some of the products that some of us may not be able to afford without the 40% discounted price, especially us the newbies. It is a great way to start the new year with new knowledge to apply.

Respectfully yours,

Rudy Aguon

You always keep it real

Thanks to all. Wishing you a Merry Christmas to all and have a safe one. Keep up the good work and stay true to yourself i say.
Again Thank You All, James

Thanks To All Dean's Staff

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We had the pleasure to meet so many of Dean's
great staff over 2 yrs ago at the 2009 Edge. All are courteous & helpful at all times. We have always been very impressed that despite her extremely busy schedule, Megan will always return emails super quickly, & have the problem rectified ASAP ! Thanks for your help & may all of you the a wonderful holiday season! Gary/Jill

Dean and Employees:

I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year! Thanks for your hard work, and willingness to assist at all times. You are all awesome!!

Thank you Dean and DG Staff

You are an inspiration and one of the greatest assets we all have the good fortune to enjoy as we all make our financial future. Happy Holidays to you all and everyone of my fellow REI's here.


Andre G.


just want to say thanks for all u have done and for wht you're going to do thx again happy happy and merry merry wish u all the best in 2011!!!!!

Thank You all

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You guys are great from the highest ceo to the shipping dept your awesome have a very merry xmas and a very happy and profitable new year

Thanks Dean and Staff

Knowing that you are all there waiting for me to take all the steps neccessary to succeed gives me the motivation to move forward. Times have been hard but the future continues to look bright. Can't seem to get this thorn out of my side and not willing to give up. Thanks for being there and Happy Holidays to all involved with the DG family.

Thanks to Dean and his Staff

Thanks to all of Dean's staff for there hard work in Slack Friday.Slack Friday was a great idea. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take advantage of the sale. With these rough economic times and Christmas almost upon us the extra money was spent on gifts for my kids. I will be watching for future sales on Dean's materials and congratulations to everyone who did purchase something.


Thanks Everyone!

That is to everyone on this site too that contributes to the success of this site! The staff is very personable and helpful. It all comes down to attracting the right people to work with, and Dean has it all going on!
Merry Christmas!

Thank you everyone

I want to thank the DG staff and all the members of for all the help and support when needed, your help is owesome. I Hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday. Looking for a better new year in 2011. Merry Christmas all.
Ron Kaman

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year. Each year seems to go a little quicker as we get a little older and often we have to slow down and take the time to enjoy the holidays by spending time with people that are special to us. I want to wish everyone on, Dean's staff and Dean a very special holiday and I know Santa Claus will be good to you this year. Keep doing all the right things and Santa will find some 2011 deals in his bag as long as you are on the "Good List". Do your best to stay off Santa's naughty list. May 2011 bring you an abundance of good health and great wealth! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Like seeing the hat and beard

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Dean and Staff - you are unbelievably professional, helpful, generous, and kind. Thank you! Seeing Dean unshaven and in the hat keeps it real. No one is professionally groomed every moment and knowing you are putting a fence up for your daughter's puppy hits home. You are an "ordinary" guy with a family, but you work hard to share your success recipes with us. You no doubt employ a staff with similar priorities. You offer us success on a platter if only we will pick it up and run. I AM RUNNING. I had the great privilege to meet you and work with Matt Larson, and I will not let you down. Blastoff!
(Today's priority - calling the banks...)







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I appreciate the slack Friday sale, I bought Your Town has I been meaning to buy it to add or give me more guidance on how to take action. I know 2011 I am going to make it happen. I know its up to me in the end , but appreciate your enthusiasm, and your teams efforts. Merry Christmas and God Bless. Prosperity and goodness to all for 2011.

Thank You!!

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To Dean and Staffs,
I love what you are doing for me and the family on DG. All of you keep me going and I can wait to do that first deal. I have a lot on thing in the pot but I'm still wait to close one of them. Thanks again for being there by the phone when I call and for all your help. I want all you to have a Bless Holiday.


Let you dream come alive


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Thanks again for another good video, i just woke up and feeling like a million bucks! and as you said, we should be all grateful that were still here in this world and at deans site giving him love .. Eye-wink Thanks Dean !! ~Happy Holidays~


Keep up the good work.

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Eveyone have Happy Holidays~

Re-Blog #107

Dean and Staff,
I am a newbie and have a rough time getting it done. Time is my biggest factor. But I want to say thanks, merry Christmas and certainly happy New Years to you and yours. I so much look forward to spending more time with the Success Team and really working harder at my real estate goals. Just too much on the plate at the moment, but light at the end of the tunnel in the upcoming new year.
Again thanks for all your hard work and happy holidays, Brian

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