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Josh Campbell
Springfield, MO

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Project Manager / REI
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Dear Josh,
Congrats to you. Your my inspiration this week. I just finished his new Book, and am trying to get my first deal in the work also Lease option. I havent put my web-site up yet. But your Website looks amazing. Easy to navigate. Keep up the great work.


Hey Josh

Great job!!! Good to see someone else from Missouri on DG. I am from St. Joseph, MO (about 30 miles north of Kansas City) Kind of funny but I have an aunt that lives in Springfield. Small world, huh:) Just getting started with REI and am building a buyers and sellers list. Also, getting fliers together and putting the sift,sort and screen in action. Anyways, just wanted to say hi and good luck.


Reply back.

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Hey Josh,
Just read your reply back to me, I am very excited to see this weeks progress so far my agent is looking for a title co. that can handle assignments/double closings. I did find an amazing mortg. broker who says he does credit repair and hml as well he owns his own brokerage in laguna hills. His name is Scott and hes amazing. I was told by DG family mentor to get my team lined up first. Progress is being made thank the Lord.
I just started my new job in a cubicle call center (Boring) But its keeping me motivated to get my REI off the ground and running. I am now working 7days a week, and cant wait for that first deal, Im so close now I can taste it.


Mortgage Broker

I just posted on the REI MO web page that you have set up. please take a look to see what all I have written. I have questions and I have info. I am a Mortgage Broker and have been doing this since 1999. Would love to hook up with you all and see if we could all help each other out. I am located in Salem Mo.

Donna Lynn Gray
Thanks so very much

Springfield, MO

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Hi Josh,
I live in Fair Grove, MO just up I-65 from you and I am using Deans methods
for REI. I am also a General Contractor in the SW Missouri area. Drop me A line if you need some reasonable quotes on any rehab work or if you just want to chat about REI.

Continued success,

New in Missouri

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Hi. I am a new student of Dean's and am very excited about getting started in Real Estate investment. I would like to find other students of Dean's in and around the Springfield Mo area to network with. I noticed most of the post here are relatively old, just wondering if people here were still active.