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John, I just ran across your entry on DG. I feel like I'm ready to get started but obviously I'm a little nervous. Any direction you can offer would be greatly appreciated. What would I need to do to join your group?

Rei clubs in Delaware

HI, I LIVE IN Delaware and have not been able to find an investing club here. Would you be willing to expanding your club to include the Delaware area? I'm looking for someone who specialize in short sales, do you know anyone? Looking to do some but need some feedback on how to handle the offer to the bank.

buyers list and power team

i am new and need to get started.
i read that clubs are the best place to start. am looking forward to interacting with your club.

Newbie in Delaware

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From the C&D Canal to the state line separating us from Maryland I know there are opportunities for real estate investing. I want you to read the posts, get the books if possible and start reading. Ask anyone in the DG Family questions you may have and get into the mindset that you will be successful. Where in Delaware are you? Myself, I would be looking at 2/1 or 3/1 properties to fill easily and work from there as a foundation and move ever upwards.

Bill G.

Whats up EasternPA

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Cool, Ive been trying to build a group and this one is already booming. I am looking for houses in the Reading area right now. Does anyone have anything. single family homes in the suburbs are my current target.