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karl dillard
vancouver,wa-portland metro
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Im a 44 yrs old & my mother have been in the dg program for almost a year.still havent made are first deal yet,but still trying.where looking to network with people out in the portland,or metro area.I like to thank you opened up my mind & made me a better person!

I like to play chess,travel,i read alot,being with family & real friends,learning to grow in real estate

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machine operator
No Children
Completed High School

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Happy belated Birthday Karl!

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You are very fortunate to have your mother by your side as your rei partner; write down your goals and post them where you can see them every day; this will help you stay focused and to overcome your obstacles.

Look for rei club in your area and attend their monthly meetings; that is the best way to network in your area. Before you know it, you will have created a strong bond among like-minded investors who may become like family!

Wishing you great success,


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thank you Valerie,my mother is 69 ,a breast cancer survivor,& a missionary since 1984.she is my best friend.both of us know real estate is the key for us.i have a question...even though I haven't did a deal yet.the cash buyers I been finding a looking for the deal like a few yrs ago in the 70k-80k .which is not the case anymore.after doing my first deal I will be doing out of state deals in Houston,tx.thats where 90% of my family are still I still see those 50k-80k deals.should I start now down there? thank you your input would help alot! have a great day!karl