Weekly Wisdom #372 - Matt Larson's secret ingredient...

This week I sat down to interview one of my top student's Matt Larson on not only how he has grown to be one of the world's best real estate investors, but also, what real estate has meant to him & what it can mean for so many of my other students...

And he told me something that was a key part to his success that I truly never even thought about! But when he said it, I knew it had to be shared with anyone else who may be looking to take their life to the next level with real estate. You're gonna love this!

So take a couple minutes and watch now!


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well as usual inspiring LOL love to hear/see you and Matt, upping my game here, getting ****ed which is what i needed to propel me, taking massive action now, unlike before & greater things will happen.

did get the reps prog btw, love love it. see you at the edge, both of you. Ps i am the first to comment & just got mohs surgery which sucked but im using that anger i feel to carry me forward Smiling

pass it on..

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Hey Tony,Dean,Matt...We do pass on the lift we have received..

Weekly Wisdom #372 - Matt Larson's secret ingredient...

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Hi Dean & Matt,

Thank you for this week's weekly wisdom......

I have learned a lot from you......Smiling

Passing on these teachings is called " Paying it Forward ".....but you know this already.....Eye-wink

Thank you for all you have done, and for all you continue to do.........XO


Dean & Matt

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Hi guys,

You guys are truly awesome. Thank you for every bit of information & knowledge that you share Smiling


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Thanks for sharing and I will do. Another great thought to keep us moving forward.

Thanks you

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Hello dg fam, I am very thankful for you guys.I joined the reps program.this is my breakout yr.


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I love the weekly blog because I take away something that help with my business

Thank you both!

Dean and Matt, you are both so inspirational...thank you for your constant motivation and encouragement! Deb & Mike

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