Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #245 - Unfair Advantage #2

If you tuned in last week, you know that this entire month, we are going to be flooding you with concise, powerful training. Consider this the month of unfair advantages for investing success. Last week it was a lesson on finding deals with Craigslist. This week, unfair advantage #2 is a formula for finding and profiting on wholesale deals. You might want to take notes. Don't forget to comment below and share!

Also, make sure to check out Dean Graziosi's Real Estate Investing Article on Huffington Post!


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Thanks for doing another weekly wisdom for all of us. Believe and Achieve! - Joe


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Thank you for the tip, Matt & Dean! I've never thought of using a formula like this. Where does the 70% wholesale method fall into play, or does it not? I know that if you're working with actual wholesale buyers who have the funds to buy homes & flip it to their buyers, they want it lower than what you need it to be, for it to work. How can you make a wholesale deal work with these type of buyers?

Wholesale Formula

Great Weekly Wisdom. Thanks for the tip! Wholesaling just got much easier.

The Wholesale Formula, Unfair Advantage #2

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Hi Dean & Matt,

Thank you for another infomative Weekly Wisdom........All these " Tibits " (sorta like footnotes) which I love.....Will Help All of Us in the DG Family.....

Thank You Dean for All You Do....Smiling



Enjoyed the lesson and think it could be useful, but still enjoying simply buy and hold!

Weekly Wisdom Unfair Advantage #2

Thank you for showing us another way to earn money on wholesaling and your education that you put out to your DG family.

Thanks Dean and Matt!

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Great weekly wisdom! Appreciate what you guys do for us all! Have a great week!



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Thanks Dean and Matt for yet another great weekly wisdom. You guys are crushing it!!!

wholesale formula

Thank you Dean and Matt for sharing!

Indeed, it is a simple formula, but you helped clear up something for me so subtly! I had been struggling with "the numbers not making sense" when I factored in rehab costs. Now I know to not worry too much about that, especially if the buyer is looking to buy and hold for rental income!



Weekly Wisdom

Thank you Dean and Matt. Great Post!

I noticed that you are buying properties in Montgomery, Moline, and Kansas City. Is there a reason for those locations? Is the economic situation better there than other places? Is the unemployment going down and housing prices going up there? Just wondering.

Thanks again,
Kevin Addison

Dean and Matt

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Your top four ways for find sellers are exactly what we find to be true in our marketing. We do a lot of mailers and door hangers that bring us that other 10% to 15%.
Just more proof that you guys do this business and pass the REAL and CURRENT info on to your students!


One more added to my list

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Thanks Dean & Matt for the tip


Simple formula -

Well, you guys did it again - gave us a reminder that it doesn't have to be uber complicated if you use the basics! Thanks for keeping us on track. We go to look at our next two "possible" properties today so this was just what we needed to give us a focused start for our week.


Thanks for this information should be helpful

Always Great!

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As always more advantage to us haveing the unfair advantage.

thank you

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thanks dean,that info helped a lot.i lost my job last this is a must to make it.

Unfair Advantage #2


Great information and thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with us.



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thank you Dean and Matt for prt 2 of wholesaling your tips have been used and your points are being taken into consideration... and going into action.... knowledge IS food 4


unfair advantage #2

Thank You Dean and Matt, for always looking out for your family. I always look forward to the weekly wisdoms. Can't wait to see what happens nest week.

God Bless

Craigs List Works

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So last week I did exactly what you said about finding deals on Craigslist. Thanks to you I just got off the telephone to find out that my local bird dog deal went through and I will be receiving a nice paycheck.

By the way: Both seller and buyer were found on Craigslist.

Also I am posting another bird dog deal on this site. Please go look for it and see if it makes sense to you.

Thanks so much.

Wisdom Is Wonderful!

Ain't Life Grand!
Just got home from the buying summit and met soooo many amazing people!
We just looked at two properties yesterday and I am on 14 of my 25:1.
KORY: We really miss you! YOU ROCK!

Another great wisdom!

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Dean and Matt,

Thank you for your constant encouragement and reminders! I have been trying to wrap my head around this one because it is hard to be confident about a deal that you are selling when you KNOW the numbers really don't work for a smart investor. It is definitely a different way of thinking and it is very helpful!!


Thanks Dean and Matt

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Thank you for the reminder. Yes, it should be this simple. We just want to make it more complicated Eye-wink It just doesn't have to be that way.

Got my pad and paper ready to start getting some offers in. Laughing out loud

See ya next week,
Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC and IE member

Wholesaling tip

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That is an awesome tip! And, if you know the 70% (65% actually) rule, it will fit right in to this formula!! Thanks!!

Great formula

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Dean, it feels great to have my girlfriend on board with me now. She's asking me questions constantly which forces me to learn more. Great formula and can't wait to post our first deal together. Thanks

Love all of the tips!

Dean - thanks so much for the way you're constantly thinking of us and providing us with the roadmap to keep us on course!

I've had to be away from the DG site for the last few months. My husband had a massive heart attack, followed closely by losing my mom to breast cancer. I've missed my fellow DGers and the positive energy of this site, and am very excited to finally be able to focus on business again.

Although the market here has drastically changed and this year has far fewer foreclosures than past years, I know that I can create my own opportunity by working the plan.

Best wishes to you all!

A different way of thinking indeed!

You guys are geniuses!! A genius makes the complex simple. A weirdo makes the simple complex! I am glad to belong here!

Running comps

Where can I find the update comps video Matt refers to?

Much thanks you guys! Very helpful.

Thanks!! But yes where to find comps video?'s picture

Great advice Matt but where can I find that comps video?

This is all you need to get deals done!

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You generosity in sharing knowledge, wisdom and education never ceases to amaze me. DG Fam! Listen up and just do it. These videos from last week, this week and the rest to come can be your pathway to success!

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