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West Covina, Ca.
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I walk by faith period, and this is where my walk has lead me. In February of 09 my wife ordered Dean's book (BARM) for me. (Keep in mind I have no prior real estate background.) The information was incredible. Best of all it was easy to digest! I found this book to be so user friendly that ordering the second book (PFRERN) was not an option. From there, I continued to invest in the tools necessary for gaining an edge in today's market, and the most valuable tool I found was one I never had to purchase. Each and everyone of you! I understand that in this business communication is King! This web site alone provides so many line's of communication'. I personally would like to thank the member's for there contribution's. This is how your suppose to feel when your happy. My walk brought me here and faith will see me through.

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If I get a sign contract from the owner of a house in prefore, Do i need to get the mortage holder or lenders approval in order to obtain this properity

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Hey everyone,Its good to be back, I've been away from this site for some time now but yes Kevin I'm still active. This is just the group Ive been looking for! I am a Nube to the DG family and I'm so thankful this site was put together.Im looking forward to working with investor's who are intressed in buying or selling here in the Southern California areas of Los Angles.

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Aloha & Mahalo!

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Hello, Mr. Kymmith. My name

Mr. Kymmith. My name is William Smith (Will Smith) I saw your posting on DG web site. I am new at this bird dogging. I live in Torrance, CA. I was wondering if you could help to locate for free the contracts of Non-Circumvent and Non-disclosure agreements and Bird dog contract agreements for the state of California.
I thank you very much and continue being Blessed