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Leonora Balongaya
Calgary, AB, Canada
About Me: 

- Finished school through own effort, persistence, patience, lots of drive and initiative
- Have always strived to get ahead
- Accountant by profession
- Currently employed part time
- Looking for a full time job in my field
- Single, no relatives in Canada
- Lives alone
- Currently have no vehicle
- Need to get this REI work and make money to start paying my education cost with DG program

Learning new things, keeping fit and healthy, go for long walks, chiropractic care, keeping my home neat and clean, knowing what is going on in the world and business, talking to my family on the phone and going out with friends.

Basic Info

Accountant, currently working part time as a sales professional at an International Jeweller Store
No Children
Some Post Graduate

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Mainly Just This One


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Hello Dean and Group,

I have been watching your weekly wisdom blog for the last 3 months and I am glad I could finally share some comments when appropriate. Thank you so much for the inspiring, motivating and encouraging messages that keeps me going being a new member of your IC student. Have a great week!

the Five Seconds

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Hi Dean,
Another inspiring message as I am currently undergoing a lot of these snowball going down the hill of my life. I am constantly looking for that solution and I know there is always a solution to every problem. I am glad to be a member of the Dean Graziosi family. Thank you.

Best regards,


Great Health Tips

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Hi Dean,

Thank you so much for the health messages. I still have to a Community Health Food Store here to find those powders to add to the green leaves you mention.

Thank you for the inspiring uplifting message the beginning of the week. I have started reading the book you gave out during the recent Buying Summit and I am feeling guilty for not able to accomplish the assignment exactly as you outlined them. This is due to spending a lot of time doing so much that seem needed to be done but does not make me the resources I need. I am still trying to find the right buyer for my townhouse, I asked a realtor to list it for me but she agreed I can find my buyer to help her.

Thank you again, I 'll wait for the next week blog. Have a great week. Leonora

Live Cast Today, May 1 2012

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Hi Dean,

I could get into your live cast despite of being confirmed when I reserved a seat. I missed par time work just so I can watch the live cast but now I can not get into it.
Thank you.