Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #274 - Real Estate Enhancement Drugs?

The Only enhancement drug you need is already inside of you. Watch this weekly wisdom and discover what breaking the 4 minute mile has to do with your real estate success. It will blow your mind!!!

Watch the replay of the killer live cast with Gena and Andrea two of Dean's top students as they reveal up to date secrets and share how you can attend this years EDGE event..

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This week find out:

  • How to master your ideal destination
  • The simple step to find insane deals in your backyard through Hard Money lenders.
  • Get the Secrets of Andrea and Gena, two rocks star students kicking the S#%T out of today’s real estate market.
  • And that’s just the start of it.

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weekly wisdom #274

Thank you Dean, You are my personal trainer through the internet
onto my laptop.

I'm gonna squeeze the stuffins right out of you
for all of your help when I meet you. Thanks!!!

Real Estate Enhancement Drugs?

SKL Properties's picture

Hi Dean,

Another great motivational weekly wisdom....." I Think I Can......I Think I Can "

We can either talk ourselves out of trying this....for fear of failure......or roll up our selves and just do it.....Smiling

I am looking forward to Tuesday's live webcast.

Thank You for all you do for your DG Family....


Catchy Title...

Lisa R's picture

Always enjoy the weekly wisdom.
Looking forward to Tuesday's webcast myself. Have a great week.
warmest regards,

Thanks Dean!

Charging anew!

Thank you Dean!

Valuni's picture

for keeping us motivated, week after week, after week!!

I'll be there on Tuesday; looking forward to hearing what Gena and Andrea have to share with us!

Thanks Dean

anointed2's picture

That is so true what you say about belief, I must say that I was saying the wrong things to myself and hence was sabotaging my efforts in my quest to doing my fir deal. Thanks a lot for pointing out that without believeing, it won't happen. So here goes "I believe I can do my first deal in 30 days"
"I believe I can do my first deal in 30 days"
"I believe I can do my first deal in 30 days"


Mark 11:23 GNT

I assure you that whoever tells this hill to get up and throw itself in the sea and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him.

I love it.

Mighty1 Real Estate's picture

I believe I can, I believe I can! Thanks Dean for always taking the time to get in the studio and do these WW's. I started with your book three years ago and I haven't stopped since. Mostly because your motivation has kept me in the game. Each week you come up with a new way of getting me motivated, of saying something that clicks in my head and propels me to continue on this journey. I believe that I will succeed in RE and that my future will be brighter, not only for me but also for my family and future generations because of what I do today with RE. I've had doubts, I've had fear, mental blocks, depression, wanted to quit altogether and lots of disappointments but the one thing that's always been a constant is your voice in my head telling me that it's possible. I joined The Success Academy and I am a part of the Insider's Elite. I have networked with lots of other investors and I am now on the verge of completing my first deal. A few years ago I wouldn't have had the guts to even try RE but because of you and your continuous help I will not give up, I can see that RE really works and I am so excited. I will make 2014 my best year ever. I wanted to quit a few times but I hung in there and now I know it will pay off. I'm so glad I didn't quit and I'm so glad you never quit putting these WW's up week after week. I thought I'd let you know you did not waste your time.
Thank you and I hope one day to meet you in person.

Still moving forward

I know a little about training I am keeping my eyes on the goal post. I want to know all there is to know about real estate. But most of all how to do two deals in the month of February. Always look forward to weekly wisdoms what a way to start out a week.

Again I say thanks.


Jayyy Dean another day another weekly wisdom.
Thank you for the advised.
Again you are my online mentor and I follow your advices, Thank you Dean You Rock !!!!!!

Grace and Peace be multiply unto you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Make it a Fantastic Day !!

Thanks for the motivation!

Davemchs's picture

Ran January dry with no deals. Just wasn't believing deals are out there! Thanks for keeping me involved. Can't wait for the live cast!

thanks dean

rob clay's picture

this brings me to the henry ford saying I have in my journal: "if you think you can or you think you can't, you're right". the biggest most powerful muscle we have is our brain. last edge when we were up on stage I said my biggest issue has been action. I should be way farther down the road to success than I am. I made a pact that I wouldn't go back to the edge until my real estate earnings paid for it. I think i'll make the money in time but as we all know the tickets and lodging will be gone, if not already. I knew after last year not to wait to book at firesky after Christmas. the spots are gone lol. that said, it has been a great pleasure and honor to be there and I will be there again. just not this year I fear. I have judged my progress edge to edge and haven't overcome my obstacles of this year. I'm not out. I never quit. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards or sideways to move ahead but I wil always "keep moving forward", rob

Hey Dean,

Indiana-Joe's picture

Thanks for doing another weekly wisdom video. There is a lot of power in:

Believe and Achieve!
Believe and Achieve!
Believe and Achieve!

Go make it a great day by making every day count! Believe and Achieve!
Smiling - Joe and Stacey

Hey Dean!

thomgilbert's picture

You hit it right on! Believing is so powerful and visualization is an amazing tool to help us to believe. We are all capable of achieving amazing results in life if we don't limit ourselves.

Thank you for all that you do! This last year has truly been life changing for me and my family!

Make it a great week!

Thanks Dean

steve and veronica's picture

Thank you Dean for more of that great weekly wisdom. Everything you said Dean is right on the money. With anything in life if you believe you can do it you can do it. Now I do believe that Denver should have beaten the Sea Hawks but that is another story.
Never in my life did I ever think that growing up in rental houses that I would own up to 5 houses at one time. It has happened.

Thanks for all you have done for us Dean.

Steve and Veronica

excellent blog

Thank you Dean for another great tool and help. Belive and acheive. and you share amazing stories with all. Have a great day. I really appreciate you. Carol in texas


jcwp's picture

Thoughts become things Smiling
Thanks for the reminder Dean

Thank you Dean!

pacheco3091761's picture

You are so right! When one accomplishes something soon another one does because the mind is a very powerful muscle. Thank you for the weekly wisdom look forward to them every week!

Francisco and Frank

Beliefs & fears

We have to find them to identify a fear we have to identify the belief that causes it l belief that n thank u Dean last year I did my first deal n after that I have done nothing it's cause have a negative belief but now I nkow the one of my many beliefs it is just survival start something n never end it n this is my belief


Thanks Dean.
Like Napolean Hill said "Whatever the mind will conceive and believe the mind will achieve"

More great words of wisdom!

RD2Invest1980's picture

More great words of wisdom! This is another concept many have a hard time accepting because its another one of those things that prohibits you from blaming anybody. What YOU believe is what will be a reality in your life! It doesn't matter what anybody else may think or say, it all comes down to you!

Great advice Dean

gabewilson83's picture

You definitely have some great pick me ups! Awesome words to live by. Thank you.

Weekly wisdom - belief

betsymaher's picture

Thank you. It's great that you get into the psychology involved too.

New Book

shannen4xxxx's picture

I Believe you have the title to your new book:Real Estate Enhancement Drugs?
Thanks Dean- GREAT VIDEO.

This week

Hi Dean
Thank you, It was good to hear this info again. It is absolutely true.

Membership & Live Cast 2-4-14

Leyah CB's picture

Hi Dean,

Thank you so much for being there every week to remind me to strengthen my beliefs. It is my weak belief that is one of the causes holding me back from making a deal. Another is my location that is way much different from that of the US, and my current situation, under employment, and financial limitation. I have a signed copy of your book "Cash In 30 Days in Real Estate". I have started reading it and plan to restart it in the next few days. I will be watching your live cast tomorrow, taking off from my part time job. Thank you again and look forward to tomorrow training. Leonora - Canada


CandC's picture

yes, that is a problem that can only be solved by me. I cannot change or control anyone but myself. Thanks for getting in my face and my mind. chricher

Housewives can be super investors!

steinway024's picture

Believe it! This is better than the 4 minute mile! I was a stay at home mom for 20+ years and became a successful investor - dozens of deals, tens of thousands of dollars, lots of fun, tons of freedom. If I did it - YOU can do it! Watch the livecast tomorrow for some great info that can get you running the mile in 3 minutes!


Thanks Dean for your weekly wisdom videos. Just about a couple weeks ago we attended one of your events and we learned a lot there and now we are moving forward. You are building my believe with inside me to go do,do,do and to continue are path to succeed in real estate. Looking forward to your webcast tomorrow.
Thanks Again
Joe & Luci


HomeRoots's picture

Great reminder!
Thanks Dean,


Thank you Dean,, keep it coming

You keep telling us the keys, help us get out of our own way. Looking for mentoring tomorrow and will get out of my own way. I can, you will be my mentor. I believe it.

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