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John Morrison Jr.
Bayonne, New Jersey
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Started my journey in Real Estate about 7 months ago in about June 2009 and I love it ... This is deffinitly the line of work or should I say the line of FUN lol I will be in for the rest of my life or until I can't do it anymore.

I want to buy and will be buying my son a house with a nice pool .. He wants a pool .. Some place nice he can ride his quads, play with all his toys and hang out with his boys lol ...

OK well have to get back to work now

Kind Regards,
John Morrison Jr.

My Son, BodyBuilding, Real Estate Investing, Website design with affiliate programs, Winning at Gambling :-) Psychology

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Finish Carpenter/Cabinet crown molding installs, Real Estate Investor ... Semper Fi
Have Child(ren)
Completed High School


I am very interested - we share common values

I have a mortgage company in Hawaii; however the Real Estate Investing initiative is in the Mainland.

I have a decade and a half in Corporate America as a Leader teaching and coaching people how to sell; now I am transitioning to do this on my own and it does help to work with motivated people with a strong work ethic - can we talk.

Here is my cell #: 2099884431; can you give me a courtesy call - thank you kindly.



I am looking for investors that will buy anywhere in the U.S. I have a contact for property in Mexico. I need sellers of mobile home parks, senior housing and self storage facilities. I have some leads on owners selling restaurants, beauty salons, and other property. I live in California not farfrom San Diego,about 15 minutes.

Always faithful

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I live in vancouver british columbia and I am a very motivated person willing to due what ever it takes !!
If moving is nessessary I'll get the Grey hound tommorrow This would help with the dedication to success !
I offer my cell phone number

Joe Williams