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Queens, NY
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Hi, My name is Mike. I'm a 36 year old husband and proud dad. I have a son w/ a very rare metabolic disorder who has been in and out of hospitals since the day he was born 4 years ago. As a result I have to take off a lot from my job(sometimes weeks at a time) to spend it at the hospital. I'm an operations tech at a power plant for the past 12 years, and I must say that my company is very understanding of my son's situation...I am very thankful for that. However, real estate is my destiny! I have always had an interest in the RE field, actually since I was a kid. I just never ended up getting involved. And then with my son being born w/ a serious metabolic disorder I totally lost track. All until a few days ago. After finishing a book on flipping homes, I went through my closet to look for the Dean Graziosi package that I purchased last year(and never touched)and guess what? I FOUND IT!! And well lets just say I haven't put it down since, and discovered the website. I must say, I am very happy w/ this site w/ all the info and help from other investors. I only wish that I had never put down Dean's package a year ago, and found this site. Oh well, I am going to make today the first day of my RE success journey! And will give my all to give my family, especially my son, a better life. Thank you all for letting me share my story.

Hiking, Hunting, Real estate, martial arts, reading

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you will find lots of help and support on this site.
there is so much information available here!


welcome mike

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Michael,we want you to succeed so dont be afraid to study like crazy then ask all the questions you can.check out my journal and give me a shout if you need anything


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Thank you very much! Lol, I'm sure I'll be asking lots of questions. Thanks again


Another quesrtion

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Hi DG family. I have a question. I just finished reading DG's book and going to start reading it again. It was great, and I'm trying to soak up all the excellent info in my brain now. I'm just a bit confused w/ some stuff. If I were in a situation where I wanted to try the no money down strategy, like say for instance, I had a seller who wanted to sell his house for $75,000. I inspect it and see that it needs at least $15,000 work etc. I offer him $50,000, and he accepts. Now lets say I already have a buyer who's interested in buying a cheap home. I tell the interested buyer that I have a home for him for $60,000. Before I sign that contract w/ the seller isn't he going to want to see proof That I have the funds to purchase the home? See the problem here is that dying to make my first deal(after reading again and again)but I'm still working on my credit and I only have $15,000 max at this time to invest. Do you think that I should start looking for a hard money lender? I really appreciate all the support and info everyone on the site has been giving me. Everyday I feel more and more knowledgeable and confident.

Mr Max

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Hey Mike,

good to see you back. where u been. hope all is well


Dayton, OH property

Is your Dayton, O.h property still available? If so, what is address?
Would like to review.
Also, if you have any Toledo, O?h properties or Southern CA, please send me at fololegi10 at yahoo. Thanks!