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Melina Thomas
Atlanta GA
About Me: 

Hello DG Fam I am working closely with a cash buyer that is picking up properties in Dekalb County GA cities are Stone Mountain Lithonia and Decatur may be open to other surrounding cities as well. They may look at some homes in the Emory, Virginia Highlands and Morning side area of Atlanta if you have any deals you would like to wholesale or partner on let me know you can send personal message thanks!

reading, writing, travel, real estate investing

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Hello Everyone;-)

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Just testing out the new site. Want to reach out and say hello to the DG Familia.

I am an investor in the Atlanta GA area. Feel free to send me a message anytime!

Take care and May God Bless!


New Deal!

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Its May and I just found a carpenter friend of mine a great deal in Atlanta for $2500! It was originally listed at 8K. I am ready to move on to my next transaction feel free to keep in touch and let me know about any deals you may want to work on or have coming up in the near future. Thanks!


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I am new to the DG Family and I am looking to wholesale in Georgia, I plan on relocating there in the next few months. In the mean time I would love to purchase a few properties. Can you assist me? Also can you put me in contact with a Good Real Estate Agent.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hey Greg

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Thanks for checkin in. I was wondering how to talk to folks on here you are actually one of the first people to notice my page and say something Smiling
Deals are OK. Atlanta's market is crazy! Homes are going for very cheap prices. I have a lot of buyers and a couple in contract. Will let you know how it goes Smiling Thanks again and keep up the good work

Hi Greg!

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the best time to call is after 6:00 PM thank you! i am learning how to work the site

Referral Fee

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Just received a referral check in the mail from an investment company in California for a Georiga home ! One to the next! Thanks Dean and DG family for all your tips and support!

Cash buyer

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Hello DG Family I am working with a cash buyer that is picking up properties in the Dekalb County area of Atlanta cities are Lithonia Stone Mountain and Decatur if you have any deals in these areas you would like to wholesale or partner on contact me.


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My name is Harry and I was looking in the classifieds and saw 2 of your properties for sale. That led me to your page. I thought I'd congratulate you on your referral check.

Property Criteria

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Hello again,
I'd like to know what types of properties they are looking for and the areas(cites or zip code). Perhaps we could partner on some wholesale deals. I'll pm you my info.


Your House for Sale

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Hello to you and yours,, how much do your house rent for per month. Is it still available.



house for sale in Georgia

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hi melina,

I am working with an investor from Ohio. Please send me
detail information for this
property so he can make a quick decision to buy.

You can also include other properties to sell.

I am looking forward to working
with you.

To your success,

Hey Shelby

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are you still looking to purchase or wholesale any homes in GA I have several homes available right now at great prices...! Thanks


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Thank you Harry. I come across homes often in the Atlanta GA area.. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.



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Hello DG Family I have had success with finding renters for vacant properties.. What a great way to make some extra money.

Please let me know if you or anyone you know has some vacant rental property that needs a tenant I would love to help out. Thanks!

Getting Started

Hi how are you I'm looking to get started investing and finding Homes for investers. Do you have any info or help full info to starters would be greatly appricaited.

open space for flea market?

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Hi Melina! do u know of an old walmart or kmart building available for lease in OH, FL or MO? it never hurts to ask so I thought of asking you Smiling someone responded to my fb page and asked me that. he's a friend of my husband now living in FL. He's looking for 75,000 to 120,000 sq ft building to be use for flea market.