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Mike Fatino
Born: Tustin California
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I was a project manager building tract houses. My responsibilties were building the underground to roads to the sell of the homes.
One day the investors showed up on the job ( which I had never met before )I didnt really realize who they were and the money behind it all. I was so busy building the projects they came one day to the project and said shut down all 14 projects and here is your last pay check. Needless to say I lost everything all material of course. Since that terrible day Ive done home Mortgages and that was crazy when the banks dryed up it was difficult to get payed on those loans.
Well to make a long story shorter Im a part time employee at Costco just to put food on the table.
I saw his info commercial at 2 am and a week later sent off for his books.
My family migrated here from Calabria Italy and would like very much someday to see were my family came from. My grandmother was very special to me. All have passed away know but the memory is still fresh.
Cho bello

mountain bikes, weight lifting, water ski, baseball, motorcycle, tennis and making money.

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Cashier at Costco Wholesale
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