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Leon J.
Constantly on the road meeting new people and experiencing new adventures
Outdoors, gardening, bow hunting, fishing, traveling

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Full time real estate investor
Have Child(ren)
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Dean's New Book

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I can't wait to get my hands on Dean's latest creation. I'm going to tear a new (<:.

You can quote me on that!


i got email from u. the new book , i haven't got it yet. what do you want help with? i have made offers here, but none accepted. i'm hoping to find my first deal soon. so dont give up. what do you do for money? i've been in the streets also. have you made any offers yet? i think that i need to keep making offers to make things happen. its at the bottom of the market here. this small town has alot of empty homes so i'm going to step up my game to get my first house. making calls or writting offers might be the key. find 10 homes ,make 10 offers. don't know when it will happen but not giving up. tell me how i can help ok. i know if i keep the faith in god he'll direct us. be persistent. ask god to help it'll come. i'll check my email 3times a day to here from you. make offers and watch what happens.

my name is James Wingate

my name is James Wingate 804-326-9240 I LIVE IN RICHMOND Va. email is chisum37@****

hi homeless in MD

my name is James Wingate 804-326-9240 I LIVE IN RICHMOND Va. email is chisum37@****

I would like help in the

I would like help in the step by step process on assignments and lease options here in Texas. Texas is a different state, unlike any other state in the union. Therefore the laws are much stricter. One of my concerns what is stopping an investor from stealing your deal. Let say you lock the contract up for 45 days, the investor can essential wait until the contract expires and contact the customer themselve. Also how does that IEE equity work?

am ready

hi my name is allan odhiambo email adress is llnodhiambo@**** phone no. is 312-506-2596


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Hope all is well,I been doing my homework and I went through the lists that my realator sent me,I have a few questions for you,can you give me a time to call me is between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm

conference call?

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Hello. I missed the conference call, how can I catch them ? I was looking forward to it... just wasn't clear on when and where I would find it. I work part time three days a week. I am really looking forward to getting better results out of my life with Real estate investing. So can you please let me know about the calls and homework to be done.
Wishing all the best, Lisa

financing a carryback

I'm looking for a way to finish financing a owner carryback.The owner will do 50% I need 10-50%to finish the deal
I'm very motivated and advertising nothing yet.
Its a 33unit multi grosses 18k per mos.
can be had for 950k

Hi Homeless

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Wanted to sign your guestbook. I love the attitude and confidence in your posts! That's what it takes!



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DG study group

hey i would like to join a DG study group i live in MD let me know what i nee d to do