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Dear DG Community: I finally got back here. I was here 3-4 yrs ago (I think) and "got lost" and finally got my head on straight. I started going to Meetups in my area and thought, well I wonder if they have one on real estate investing; they did; I did and the rest is "just amazing". I work full time as a home health nurse. I'm a little, actually make that "really" ready to move on, and so I shifted my priorities: I carry my DG books in my car or purse, Our meetups are 3x a month; I go to each and every one; every chance I get I talk about houses, and use my son to kick things off. He wants a house with a swimming pool! I think we've found one that is vacant in an exclusive area of the city. I've made the phone call looking for the family of the owner. I'm ready to start doing this "creatively" or "outside the box". Thank you for looking. Denise