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I have a passion and love for real estate and insurance. I recently had my first baby and currently work with my husband helping him run his business and stay at home with my baby. My husband and I purchased an awesome multi-use rental property. The property has 5 acres, with a house we can rent, a shed we can rent and tillable farmland that can also be rented out. Now that we have fixed up the property and have it rented out to good long term tenants I am ready to find some more deals.
I am Working on building my team. First thing on my list find an investor friendly Realtor. Hoping to get some suggestions on how to go about finding a Realtor that will help me reach my goals of 5 deals this year.

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Calculating Reha\b Cost

I put my state as part of my user name in hopes that I could find other people in my area to network with. I do have a question I am hoping someone can answer. I have been looking into software that I can load into my laptop so I can calculate the rehab cost while me and my partner are in the house.
Any suggestions on what software is good and accurate for calculating rehab cost in the state of Minnesota?
Any other suggestions regarding figuring out rehab cost?

Welcome to the family!!

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Angie, I received your PM this am and will respond to it a little later, but I wanted to welcome you to the DG family. I joined in Sept 2010 and have learned so much from the friendly, knowledgable and supportive folks at this website. Havent pulled the trigger yet on any deals but I am getting close. Suggestion, Angie it would be good if you could add a little more information in your profile b/c we are all "nosy" and like to know more about each other. Lol Eye-wink Seriously, it helps us to understand and help each other better. AND when you have added to your profile be sure and hit the contribute button to get more exposure.

As for as computer software is concerned for estimating rehab costs, never trust a computer's numbers for anything. Get yourself an experienced and honest rehab contractor and walk the property with him. Take very good notes about every aspect, and when you get ready to do the work put it in a contract that covers everything from roofs, foundations..even missing light fixtures and wall plug covers. Lol You would be surprised how forgetful some contractors get towards the end of the job, and never pay for labor until the labor is done. If you do there is a pretty good chance you will issue you their "tail lite warranty".."we gurantee it for as long as you can see our tail lights". Lol Never take the highest price or the lowest price....take one mid-range. When you are shopping for rehab items or materials check out the Habitat for Humanity Resale stores b/c at times you can save a bubdle. Rehab with contractor grade material. You are not gonna live there so forget about what you would personally buy b/c the extra cost is coming right out of your pocket. If you think about it buying a solid granite countertop vs a nice "something else" comes out of your pocket twice!! You must have your list to go by so you dont miss anything. And be sure to add a "fluff factor" of 20 to 25% to cover anything you overlooked.

Angi didn't mean to write a book but I hope it helps. There are so many good rehab investors in the family Im sure you can get answers to all your questions. We may not totally agree on everything, but heck what family does. "The main thing is we got each others back."

So long for now and keep your nose and all else warm.
Let me know if I can help you in anyway.



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Welcome to the DG site. You will get a lot of valuable information here.

I recommend you use it wisely by reading as much as you possibly can.

Good luck.


Hello Fellow Minnesotan!

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Hi Angie!
My husband and I are new to the DG family and would love to be able to meet other investors in Minnesota as you are. Let us know how you are doing, and visit our page to check out what we are doing. We are in the northern Twin Cities.
Have a great Easter weekend!

The Browley Team!