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Tyrone & Renae Browley
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I have been in the Business world, mostly in Customer Service for over 10 years now. My husband is a Laborer working in a Warehouse at the moment and went to school for Carpentry. We just got married 2 years ago, and our first child just made one!!
Life is great, but getting even better!! We look forward to being able to FIRE Corporate America, and work for ourselves - and build a strong future and provide for our family. I have always been interested in Real Estate, and we can't wait to get our ball rolling. We are blessed to have come across Dean Graziosi and the DG family, as we have learned so much, and continue to learn more each Day!
Using the talents and drive that God gave us to make BIG moves and make our mark in this REI world.

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Have Child(ren)
Some College

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My Husband and I are excited to get started using Dean's techniques and are reading his book now and making our game plan.

This website looks like a WONDERFUL tool and community but don't quite know where to start. Any suggestions on how to bite off just a peice at a time and where to start?

Renae & Tyrone

Renae and Tyrone

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first read all the rules then just spend as much time on here as you can.I would suggest clicking on every thing that is on here to familiarize with all.Did you click on START HERE FAQS on the top left of this site.try that and if there is a topic you want for sure try entering in the search box upper left top also and then hit enter on your computer.hitting whats new in left side will give you the most updated topics currently posted and how long ago they were posted.
think about starting your own journal also because you will be gald to go back and see wher you started and how far you came in a short time,also will help keep you aaccountable to yourself.
good luck and wish you much success

oopsforgot to mention ....DEANS MEDIA

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under MORE DG RESOURCES towards the bottom left this to see videos of students.if you get a chance check mine out ....its "i wanna be a millionarre" get started on making your own video....maybe one just of you learning and have it evolve to your first deal then your 5th then more !!!!!!!! good luck and keep us informed of your can make it happen !!!!


First of all congratulations! Secondly, looks as if we started about the same time. I would like to keep pace with you. I'm reading everything on this site and making files of all the documents as I go along. I'm a full time student and I work full time. Not bad for 55, huh? Let's keep in touch and do some progress checks. God Bless you two.



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Ohhh, we have some badges!!! Whoooo Whooo..... that makes me feel great!! Don't know why or how we get them, but lets see if I can get some more Smiling