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maceo Lewis
Silverdale, WA
About Me: 

Since I been involved with dean I formed a LLC and set up my website. I just need some deals.

Basic Info

I work in retail..
Have Child(ren)
Some College
In a Relationship

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WELCOME to the DG_Family!

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Hello Maceo,

Just wanted to take a second to WELCOME you to our group. I wish you much $UCCE$$!



thanks I'm trying

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I'm looking for properties right now!!! I might have one in my sights... I'm looking... thanks again!!!

Bad Credit Score

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I want to buy and hold, but I have bad credit. Even with owner financing most owner want down payments. How can I get properties with low down payments!!


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I've been trying to complete 2 deals since April, May and I'm still working on both of them. both R owner financied. I just want to get them done, so I can get the paperwork and start my L.L.C. .

tell me more about the four plex!

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How are you?
Well, please tell me what area are you looking to buy in.
And are you a cash buyer?

We can better assist you in your Investment needs if you will just answer a few questions here.

I look forward to hear back from and working with you.

Mr. Godfrey
Godfrey Estates LLC

commerial Lenders

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I'm looking for a commerical lender? Anyone that know of a private lender would help also!!! Thanks