Weekly Wisdom #350- The #1 Thing to Trust!!

This week's Weekly Wisdom comes with an insanely important message about trust. And there is one thing that you MUST TRUST, yet so many of us ignore it and don't put out trust in it.

And if you start to trust this one thing, your life could change forever...

What is that one thing? Watch this Weekly Wisdom and find out!

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Enjoy this wisdom and have a great week!

Thank you Dean

Trust is key.


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So True, I've done that before.

That's a wonderful

That's a wonderful encouraging video that confirms some issues I'm dealing with! You are right on!

trusting yourself

That is what your gut is telling you. Dean is right, it is like your heart, soul, experiences, and all that data that has been collected and stored and rolled into that 'special place' to help you along. Oh my, what we could accomplish if we listened and acted on those instincts more often.

Thank you Dean!

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Haha! it was funny when you mentioned how you tell your staff that it's really an idea you've been pondering on for a month? I guess your secret is out now Eye-wink

I will trust my gut instinct more often... I do tend to question it...

amazing Dean

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so true & to the point for sure i think about it & yup my gut has guided me & a huuuge decision I made years ago was the wrong one & my gut was telling me no dont do that run & I didn't listen & I suffered needlessly, oh well.

I will listen to my gut now.

Thanks Dean!

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I'll will pay attention to my gut more and do what I feel is right.
Make it a great week!


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Dean you are right on! I recommend Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. He describes this phenomenon in detail! The gut is the accumulation of all we have experienced.

showing properties to your buyers

Hey Dean,

When you get a property under contract that you haven't looked at yet yourself or had anyone else to look at, how do you show it to a buyer that is interested without it being an awkward exchange between the original seller and buyer?

Thanks for the support

Short and Powerful

Very informative and factual.

The #1 Thing to Trust!!

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Hi Dean,

Great Weekly Wisdom......This is an instinct I live by....Eye-wink

Thank you Dean, for all you do.....xo


You are so right

Trusting your gut will not let you down, thanks Dean for re-minding us of that.

Thanks always Ray

Thank you for sharing those important words

Oh boy you better believe it about your gut feeling. It is called your intuition that is telling you something
is not right here and now.

Never Go Against Your first Gut Feeling. If something whatever it is doesn't matter does not feel right then its not.

Why I am I saying this because I have plenty of true stories to type but will take way to much time to do it.

Regarding real estate when I bought my first house It was a VA Repo and I won the seal bid then I changed my mind because of Fear and Not A Gut feeling.

Fear of this and that and listening to people who never even had their
own house.

Then I kept feeling like I was going to mess everything up If I did not
get that house.

This feeling inside me would not go away. So I thought to myself see if this house is still on the market and it was and it was a happy ending.

My mind was at Fear at First. Not a First Gut feeling Not a First Intuition feeling.

Be careful Not to confuse Fear and Gut Feeling or a Feeling of Intuition they are two different things.

If It were Not for Dean Graziosi we would not be typing these post.
Thank you Dean!!

Things to trust

There are so many things that we trust without thinking a second and also there are things that we don't trust even if in years. Well it is completely depending upon our own thoughts and power; therefore we used to go through all the stuffs and inspect the thing after we can trust on them. Here in this video we have also found some crucial tips on how to develop our inner quality to trust and improve our skills on wisdom.
Life Coach

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