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I've been interested in real estate investments for about 7 years. I've read a few courses from a few famous "gurus" (you know the typical...) but I was always left feeling incomplete. They never filled in the cracks that their courses created. Then I was up one late night and saw Dean's infomercial " Be a real Estate Millionaire" and something hit me. I noticed right away how sincere this guy really is. The infomercial didn't seem overly scripted and he sounded like he was speaking from the heart. So I checked him out on the rip-off fraud forums and he passed the test a few times. Then to top it off, I heard he was giving away free homes to families in need... I was convinced. I had to get his book, but my finances need help. I buy and resell online and that's my only source of income. It pays the bills but that's it. My credit isn't terrible, but it needs some help and I don't have a solid job history. I never had faith in the job market because I know employers don't pay you according to your total worth. Their only concern is profit. Business-wise there's nothing wrong with that, but if one man can do it why can't I - especially since I have that understanding. I always believed in generating money using my natural talents or skills, not by a handout from someone who thinks the time I spend from my family is only worth X dollars per hour no matter how hard I work. For all of that I can hire people to work for me. That's why I work from home because I will never sell my family time or my soul to no one. My online sells pays the bills (like a normal job) but I'm still struggling (like a normal job). So I borrowed Dean's book from the library and WOW!!! He has everything laid out for the reader. No backdoor leading suckers to another more expensive "advanced" course that you REALLY must buy before you can REALLY start investing. Not only that, this website wasn't blocked until you bought his book, like the other "gurus". He encourages community and it's for free, even if you never picked up his book. That's a true, genuine desire to help others. Thank you Dean for such an outstanding support network. Now I gotta get my first property and use the profit to treat myself to "Be a Real Estate Millionaire" because I need to have this in my personal collection. I also want to continue my training with more of Dean's books and courses. At least I know it's worth the money because he's the real deal! Thank you.

Learning about real estate investing, playing piano, learning how to correctly serve the Most High

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