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Ambrose Jacob Oothoudt
Minneapolis, MN

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Wraparound mortgage

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Hi WrecklessKane,
There is a clear explanation on Anita's post. My suggetion would be after reading the post, if still confused you can call any lender or broker.And have them exlain it to you. Much success..........Lubertha


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Hey, I really appreciate you responding and giving me those questions. They will be very helpful!


I noticed that you joined back in January. I was just wondering if you have been able to flip some properties using the "no money down" techniques?


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Hey I just want to say Good Job...

I really like the way you ask Questions...

Keep up the Good work

God Bless

saying hi to the online

saying hi to the online deaners...
Keep it up!


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Nice list of Ideas on "How to create a Buyer's List". I appreciate you for sharing that. I will get busy going for it!

Stay Creative,


What REI Deals are you working on?

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Hello wrecklessKane,

Just wondering how things are going for you these days in REI? I do hope you are moving forward and working/progressing on your Financial & Time FREEDOM!

Keep on keepin-on!