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Congratulations, Mary...Persistance Pays Off

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We are so glad that you we were finally able to convince your husband to order the Gain the EDGE home edition. If people devote the time to this program they can achieve extraordinary results! Some of the keys include having an open positive mind, putting in the time to read review and apply the concepts and strategies. We find it interesting with our friends sometimes, because it is easier for them to complain about something or their current situation rather then to put the energy into something to try to make a differrence in their life or try to spend the time on a plan to make something new work. Most people that are unhappy with their current situation may choose to do nothing to make a difference. We give you tremendous credit for wanting to take action with Dean's program. It is that chance to find something that will help change your life for you and your family. Even as you experience success you will still encounter naysayers. You just need to stay positive and focused. Dean always says if you know your "Why" your doing this, nothing else matters. You CAN DO THIS! You have already taken the first step. Good Luck on all your deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Hi Mary

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Just wanted to say hi & welcome you to the DG site Smiling Don't hesitate to ask me anything about REI to help you on your way to success, so ask away & stay in touch on your progress...

Everyone Can Make A Difference!
John A.