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Completed High School

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Mainly Just This One



I always seem to see some new users each time I come on this site. I appreciated getting a welcome, and so I like to pass on a "Welcome" to others, if nothing else, just to let them know they have been noticed. Pas. Greg


thanks for the welcome...I am just starting out investing, and love to learn new things, and this site is a great tool for learning


I'm in CT also...Love to network with you.

Always willing to help anyone

I am always willing to help, network, or do whatever for anybody...Any question, feel free to ask, and I will do my best to answer...Send me an email, or Private Message if you need to...

baseball dreams ....

Too bad that baseball did not work out for you. You clearly have drive, ambition and a willingness to work hard.
Doesn't matter at this point though! Those qualities: drive, ambition and a willingness to work hard will help you in everything you do because it is who you are.
How lucky for you that you have the opportunity to use them in real estate investing!
Never doubt it for one second. You are on the site and joining in the posts all the time, you are out there building your team and looking for deals! You are going to do amazing things and end up teaching all the new members to the site all about it!
Love to follow your progress.
(Finally got my son on board)

baseball to real estate

Yea!!!You got your son on board...

I do really appreciate everything you have done to help and encourage me...It is so nice knowing somebody I have never met, or talked to(minus pm and postings) has so much faith in me and has that big of a heart to help me, and so many others out...

I must say, you are quite the amazing person

I guess I am lucky like you said to be able to use the drive, ambition, and willingness that I had in baseball, to flip that over to something else that has so much potential for anybody...

After losing my chance at baseball, all of the drive, willingness, and ambition I had, I thought was gone...I was never happy, no matter what...I got to the point sometimes where I just didn't care...

Now, I have something that I look forward to accomplishing, forward to working on, and forward to keep moving forward everyday...It is about time that I found something like this, and I can tell the change it has made in me already...

Hi, Marc,

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Your Baseball to REI is very impressive, & the Interest you take in other Bigginer's stories & Progress, is very Helpful. Your Detemination, Drive, Ambition , all that which ou brought from Sports would Definitely help you to Accomplish great stuff in Real Estate as well. Angela's Moral Supprt towards you, is a blessing as well, all the best, Barjinder.

Just getting started

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Hi Marc, I'm hoping you could give an opinion on if assignment deals are the best way to start out if you aren't in a good credit status? Are there any other avenues in this new adventure I should also look at? Please also tell me what this point system we have listed under our names means. What does the points give you? Thanks so much!


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Thanks For the great advice! I was able to get out today and fond some really distressed properties that I am so excited about adventuring out on. Wish you much success! Lubertha

Great progress!!

Hello Mark,

I want to start by saying congratulations!! on your progress so far I am very happy for you and what you've accomplished.

If you don't mind my asking..Who is the attorney that you came across. I'd like to contact him. I'm having a little trouble finding one to look over my contracts which is one of my last links before getting started.

By the way I'm also located in Ct.

Good luck you in your journeys!!!


Hi Marc,

I am sorry that I didnt meet you Sunday the 12th at Sanford, Ct and hope to meet you all in August. You have a great week.



Hi Marc,

I am sorry that I didnt meet you Sunday the 12th at Sanford, Ct and hope to meet you all in August. You have a great week.


I Got It!

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Thanks Marc! The info was helpful, I found it to be a silly question but I still had to ask Smiling

P.S. I'm originally from CT, the great Hartford area......what of CT you from?

John A.


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We enjoy reading your posts and always reading the "positive thoughts of the day" post. Keep the faith and good luck on all your future deals. I look forward to reading about the future deals, your progress and your posts along the way. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Just stopping in to see what's new with you. How is it going with the REI....

John A.

I see things are going well for you

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Hey Marc,
Sorry it has taken so long to reply. My 9 to 5 has pretty much taken over my life and I am now working 6 to 7 days a week. I did get to catch up on your journal this evening and saw that you are making a TON of progress with all of your deals. Congrats to you! Keep on keeping on and hopefully I will hear more great things from you in the future.



Thanks for the text! To quote a friend of mine 'grrrrrr!' HA!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Will call you this weekend, time to catch up is waaaaay overdue.

It is time that you started to post again I think, maybe you need to start a new Thread about what you have going on now. Sort of a "Life after buying a multi-family thing"


Angela...glad you got the

Angela...glad you got the me anytime...i probably wont be doing to much this weekend...kind of a relaxing weekend that I look forward to talking to ya, and catching up...on the good and bad...

I will start a new forum over the weekend also like you to you soon


I am looking forward to catching up.
Phone or emails only though, no more texts ...

fine, you more

fine, you more was only 1 though, and it was wishing you a happy to you soon


Hey there!

Happy New Year!

Come on now, time to get back to posting on a regular basis! Smiling

Maybe you should start a new thread, to go along with the new year and a new start?

Hope all is well and that we get to catch up soon!

You are truly inspirational on this site and you need to be posting more often.

It is not only good for you it is good for new members too.


happy new year Angela... I

happy new year Angela...

I will take your thoughts of a new posting into consideration...2010 has got to be/is going to be a big year for me...

all is pretty good...def have to catch up soon...


Don't make me text you!

OK ... so, you didn't return my PM, you didn't return my email. This is my next reach out to you! Some where in the recesses of my emails I have the address of that multi-family you bought, I might have to drive up there and wait for you to show up!
Hope all is well, I am getting concerned!

Hey Marc

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How u been, long time. I tried sending u a PM here but it never do I get a hold of you, maybe if u send me a PM that will work.

John A

May You have Great Success

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May You have Great Success on your Journey!

Thank You for All that You Share.


Hey Marc,

You need to update your profile page, you do not live in CT anymore! Smiling

Hi Mark

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I see that you have been a DG member since 2008- it would be nice if you wrote something in your profile to know a little about you, and hear about your deals!
(I lived in CT many years ago-beautiful place!)


The Positive Plan

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Just ran across your thread on Positive Thoughts of the Day for the first time; I bookmarked it. Seems to have become an very upbeat mix of positive thinking AND positive actions.
Thanks so much; I'll be back to visit!
Jennifer E