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newport news, va.
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I am manager of a cleaning service , but work is slow. I have found employment at a production plant after being laid off and unemployed for over a yr. from my former job . I am a newbie to real estate investing but have been motivated to go at it a 100% . Everyday , 7 days a week , I am doing something related to real estate . I know it will pay off .

assignments deals It's all about learning real estate 24/7 and being successful doing it. This is my destiny....

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Production worker
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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I saw your ad on Dean's classifieds. Iam trying my niche with birddogging and was if you would be interested in working together in getting what you have got closed? I have a new investor buying in VA and MD. Cut me in say $1,000 per deal. What do you say?

First house

Looking to invest in real estate and I'm planning on starting with buying at deep discount, renting out, refinancing, and keeping on going. I have a great credit score and currently looking for local banks to lend money with no seasoning. I'm interested in doing some business so let me know.

Your ad for cash buyers in VA

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You mentioned Newport News area, I have family in Chesapeake. I live in Dale City which is 20 mnutes south of Washington DC. I may be interested in some properties in that area if the price is right.

Christy Catterton

Properties in Newport News area

what type of properties are you interested in Newport News Va. ,
and how can I get in touch with you?

Va native

Hello Sassy my name is Kyron Tuck ,I live in Gainesville VA I'm a contractor in the area just getting in the investment business looking to network and maybe we can have some near future business venture.

Hello, My name is Anthony

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My name is Anthony and I live in Michigan! I've done some real estate in the past. So i have some experience in finding great deals. If there are any investors in Michigan, I can help.

cash buyers

Sorry it took so long to get back with you, had death in family and other issues to take care of. Me and my team find properties for investors frequently in Va. If you are still interested send P M for futher info. The $1,000
per deal sounds good.....