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Patrick Williams
Sunnyvale, California and Vancouver, Washington
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I taught Early Childhood Education for several years. I am a Navy Veteran and a father of two fantastic grown children. I have one amazing granddaughter, currently seven years old.

I have always been interested in real estate. When I was in college, I invested in one house, which was either 100% rented or 100% vacant. Because I had no experience and no way to get guidance or training on how to invest or how to manage properties, especially from a great perspective like the DG Website, I thought I was not very good at this. I continue to be fascinated with real estate.

As I continue this journey on the DG website and now IE, I know I am getting to be a seasoned pro in Real Estate Investing. Look out. Here I come.

Real Estate, Photography and Traveling.

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Real estate investor. Early childhood education teacher.
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Weekly Wisdom #220

Thanks, Dean I love the story of your six year old picking off one person at a time. As an early childhood educator this one gave me goosebumps. It reminds me that a child's first teachers are her parents. Well done.

Matt's inflation training- #225

Matt, I so appreciate this training. You made this subject, which can be a bit wonky, a very simple process with true clarity. I especially agree with the part about making sure we do our own independent research. Thanks a lot for sharing these ideas on this outstanding video.

Weekly Wisdom # 229

Dean, thank you for everything. You ask me to tell how I am doing and you reference the analysis paralysis quandary. I'm guilty of this very thing when it comes to real estate. I watched you say at the end of last year to be ready and able to move in 2013. Well here it is April 2013 and I'm still sitting on the sidelines. Unlike before though, I am not waiting to get my ducks in a row or whatever excuse or dumb cliche I want to use. I am no longer comfortable with the same results I have had in the past. And I have boxed myself in as well.. Your references to Boomers has also hit the right spot. So Thank you, Dean. You are going to see a lot more of me here. Thanks for the inspiration words of sincerity and wisdom.


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Thanks for stopping by my daily adventure journal. I appreciate the comments and feedback. Just wanted to stop by your guestpage and wish you good luck with your real estate investing. Each day do one thing to get you closer to your dreams because if you do today what others are not willing to do, then tomorrow you can do those things that others are only dreaming about doing!

Believe and Achieve! - Joe

real estate

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Hello Mr. Patrick Williams,

As a fellow Early Childhood Educator I felt the need to shout out, Hooray!
I was an Early Intervention special educator teacher years ago.
Now I am seeking real estate buyers for Section 8 housing deals.

Susan Boyd

Thanks, Susan

It took me a long time to respond to your message, for which I apologize. I'm glad you contacted me and I hope things are going well for you. I'm curious: Why have you chosen to seek Section 8 housing buyers? It sounds like a very interesting niche to pursue. Again thanks for taking the time to contact me.

Hi, Patrick!

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I just wanted to come here and thank you personally for posting in my journal. Your kind words were very encouraging, and I really appreciate that! Smiling God bless you and let's really get going on this! I still feel that this is it for me, this is where God wants me, so this is where my focus will stay until I hear differently. Take care and I will say a prayer for you if you don't mind. Smiling

Lisa (aka smurfy)

Patrick Williams

-Congratulations Patrick,

Real Estate it's one of the best ways to make money, I have been doing Real Estate since October of 2007 and let me tell you, it doesn't matter if the economy is going up or down, you can still make money, if you know how to use the current market to your advantage.

-As you probably already know, it's just a matter of giving us a call if you need assistance, and once again, welcome to the program-Edwin.