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Jerome Bennett
Los Angeles, CA
About Me: 

At a time in my life that caught me off guard, I've been trying to find all kind of good investments to learn and participate in to become financially free! Since I was 18 years old and attended the Real Estate Expo with my parents, I was convinced that working the 9 to 5 gig was not the way to go.

Fast forward to now, January 3rd 2010, I hope to make this year an exceptional one. I'm 21 now, an unemployed student currently studying Computer Science and barely getting by with no help from financial aid. Reading 'BARM', going to this wonderfully informative site and searching the web to further learn about REI, I'm confident that I will change my current situation.

It's a blessing to see everyone that is on here is helping one another and I to add to the group of people helping on here.

Thank You Dean & everyone that contributes!

Basketball, Music, Family, Skateboarding, learning as much as I can about anything I'm interested in, LIFE, etc...

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Music Producer/Student
No Children
In College

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Mainly Just This One