80 ways to find buyers

80 ways to find buyers

Exit Strategies Part 3
by Jeff Jensen

80 ways to find buyers:

1. Freebie Newspaper Ads
2. Minor Newspaper Ads
3. Newspaper Weekend Edition Ads
4. FSBO Magazines
5. Business Cards
6. Paper Signs
7. Bandit Signs
8. Door Hangers
9. Bulletin Boards
10. Handouts
11. Flyers
12. Real Estate Agents
13. Expired MLS Listings
14. Open Houses
15. Title Companies
16. Closing Agents
17. Accountants
18. CPA’s
19. Attorneys
20. Mortgage Brokers
21. Lenders
22. Property Management Companies
23. Financial Planners
24. Financial/Money Advisors
25. Investors
26. Home Inspectors
27. Appraisers
28. County Records Employees
29. Escrow Officers
30. Hard Money Lenders
31. Private Money Lenders
32. Secondary Lenders
33. Developers
34. Contractors
35. Local Employers
36. Rent-to-Own Stores
37. Referrals
38. Your Existing Occupants
39. Sub-Contractors
40. Handymen
41. Door-to-door Canvassing
42. Free Gift Advertizing
43. Postcards
44. Promotional Materials/Calendars/Note Pads/Magnets
45. Cooperative (Co-Op) Advertising
46. Legal Newspapers
47. Grocery Store/Wal-mart
48. Flower Carts
49. Benches
50. Bus Stop
51. Adopt a Street Sign
52. Laundromats
53. Car Washes
54. Yellow Pages
55. Restaurants
56. Restrooms
57. Mail Center
58. TV Guide/Newspapers
59. TV Ads/Commercial
60. Special TV Programming
61. Radio Ads
62. Billboards
63. Walking Billboards
64. T-Shirts
65. Hats
66. Community Business Organizations
67. Chamber of Commerce
68. Sponsor Sports Team
69. Sponsor an Event
70. Charitable events
71. Charitable Raffles
72. Host a Charitable Function
73. Local Churches
74. Weekly Hotels
75. Property Brochures
76. Magnetic Vehicle Signs
77. Vehicles Wraps
78. Real Estate Auctions
79. White Vehicle Lettering
80. Club Membership Bulletin Board


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Thanks for all the information. This will be very useful in continuing to build our buyer's list. Thanks for the insight and information. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Great infomation Jeff

Keep Them Coming

lol God Bless

Laughing out loud


Great information Jeff

Keep Them Coming

lol God Bless

Laughing out loud


Thank you Jeff!!!

I'll be delving into this list!

I appreciate the post!


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Great Post!

Great Post! Thanks Jeff

Much appreciated list

Thank you, Jeff.


That's Marketing!

Helpful tips, I'm sure some of us have it thought of to find more buyers.....Thanks Jeff, it will sure be put to use Smiling

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John A.


Thanks jeff for the info.
Now i need to find more buyers.

I'm seeing the future for this thread

should be a STICKY!!

I keep coming back to this list to make sure I'm getting through it.

Thank you again Jeff! Enjoyed your presentation at The Edge too (in my den on video Smiling.

Thanks again for posting some great info for us in this one and the other recent posts!


Current Journal on Dean's site: The Second Chapter: http://tinyurl.com/p986al3

First Journal on Dean's Site: From the Beginning: http://bit.ly/ocv10

Very much needed...

Great list to have! Thanks Jeff
I'm glad you mentioned this on your last blog with Dean.


Andrea M. Peters

great insight

this list is very valuable to me espcially just getting started. Thank you


Thanks Jeff, the possibilities are almost endless. You've named a lot of ideas I would have never thought of.

the good stuff just got better

This couldn't have come at a better time. keep up the awesome videos and information. I know all here appreciate what you do.

thanks again jeff,



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It CAN be a sticky!


I'm printing off this list and putting it in front of my face. It is worth sticking an 8 x 11 sheet of paper in the middle of my desk!

Thanks, Jeff & Dean!


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Thank you Jeff

this will be a great help

Thank you

Fred E


That is quite a list... THANKS a MILLION!

What a wonderful and caring family

THANK YOU JEFF, never with anything I have seen or been involved with have I ever gotten so much free training. Dean and the Coaches and everyone on the DG web-site, of family and friends. Caring and teaching each other it more powerful than college. Thank you again and Happy Holidays to everyone

great info

Another one not mentioned that I have been able to find buyers and investors as well is on twitter.com as I have found a couple there myself.


very informative


Finding Buyers List

Thanks Jeff for mentioning this resource in Dean's recent blog. Your help and insight is very much appreciated.



Thank you for going to all

Thank you for going to all the trouble of developing this list and posting it. So helpful!

Good info

Nice job Jeff..


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Powerful Way to Find Buyers

I just started learning about real estate about 3 months ago and I started building my buyers list this weekend. I have found 38 LLC's and sent them all emails. Four have responded so far and 3 said yes. I found these LLC's by finding local colleges and looking up the off-campus housing page. Most colleges list all the off-campus housing/apartments that are available with all the information you need to get ahold of the investors that own them! Just thought I would share what is already building me a strong buyers list.

Good luck to all!


Good info

Thanks Jeff




BRE #01956371

Finding Buyers

Hi Josh, I read your post on finding buyers and it sounds like a smart way to start. I am just getting started myself and would like to ask for more detail in finding local colleges i.e.(phone books, internet etc.)and there off-campus housing page.
How did you write your emails from the start to the body and then the closing. Did you include a phone number to contact you and or just an email response requested.

Thanks in advance for any information provided...


In Response to Griff

Well to find the colleges. Just go to google maps, and type in colleges and then the name of the town you are looking in. I typed in (Colleges, Williamsport). The results will give you the names and locations of all the colleges in that town/city. Write all these names down and then do a google search for their home website.

Once you get their website, they may or may not have their own search bar so you can just search information that is on their website. If they do, type in "off campus housing" and/or "off-campus housing". If you can find the college's off campus housing page, they should have a listing of all the housing available with the names of the owners and how to contact them.

I hope this helped, and if you have any other questions, I will answer them to the best of my knowledge.

Thanx Jeff.... & Josh!

Jeff, you provided all of us a starting point to dive into to find buyers. I appreciate the time you took to write out 80 different ways to find buyers on a local/national level.

I also like to thank Josh for his creative idea that I, myself a college student, never even gave the slightest thought to. You guys & gals are great and hope everyone will prosper from the abundance of useful info that's on this site and deans's books. I hope we all continue to teach one another and build wealth!

Thx, Jerome Laughing out loud

I love this list!

Thanks Coach Jeff!!

And for the newbies: remember, wherever you find buyers, you find money. Lots of it. (Maybe even Private money to fund your OWN deals? Smiling )



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One More Way

look here on this site. I for one am a buyer. If you operate in the Southern California area, then contact me and we can close some deals.

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