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Thanks Jeff

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Hey Jeff Your the Best...

I hope To get you as a Coach Soon...

God Bless


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Thanks for all the great information you post. You are always filled with such energy and inspiration. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading your future posts! Good luck and continued success in all you do! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Buyer's List

Thank you, Jeff, for the buyer's list finder! What a gift!
Blessings, Sampatti

Sandwich lease options

Hi Jeff

Had a question regarding sandwich lease options. I've heard you discuss this on the old conference calls as a "No money Down Strategy" and had a question regarding it.

So if I have a buyer lined up, I would...

1)sign the lease with the seller

2)sign the lease with my buyer

3)and sit in the middle and collect the doe as the middle man because I worked the numbers in such a way that its profitable for me

MY QUESTION IS... What if my buyer loses his job and can't pay the payment??

Am i not screwed??



PS.. Can't wait for this Tuesdays conference call

Jeff WOW

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jeff.... that list is amazing!!! if ppl cant find buyers using this?! idk wat to tell them!!!! thank you for all you do and continue to do. quik question.... i have found some pre-foreclosures on the foreclosurealerts.com web but my next question is... how do i approach the owners? do i just casually ask or do i send flyers to their homes or do i find a number to contact them? im at a lost Jeff. If you have any advice, I'd really appreciate any or all of it lol... im in charlotte nc and the preforeclosure numbers are astronomical!!!! thanks again... kevin.

Buyers List

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some of the way that you mention on how to find buyers is a numbers game. Meaning that out of every 10 calls 2 or 3 may allow you to add them to your buyers list. I'm just getting started so my resouces are limited and I'm the only one here trying to make anything happen. I have to educate myself and at the same time build up my buyers list I find that a time consuming process and just which I could automate how to find buyers. At this time i don't have the resouce. Thanx Alot.

Hello, Would you like to do business with me?

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I am looking for cash investors who want to make money and have others do the work. Let me know if this is something that would be of interest to you or anyone you know. Here are three options my investment company does for our investors, maybe ther would be a fit for you or other investors you know.

Explanation of All Three Options Used for Investing with JNS Investments LLC

Just off the desk of the President:
John Sallmen III

Here are the options our company does for investors. We like to give three options so we can get the right fit for our investor and for the success of our company!

Option 1:

Here is how this option will work. My company gets the deals under contract and then with in the 45 days, you are allowed to have the property under contract and assign it to an investor or a retail buyer. We would get these killer deals under contract and then assign the contract we have on the property to you for a fee. The fee depends on the house and how much it costs and how much equity is built into the property.

We would assign the contract and then you step into the buyer spot and we step out and you go to closing and close on the property, but then you have to pay the agent fee when we assign it to you. Our agents will put the purchase agreement together and get the house under contract, then you go to the closing table and our agent and the listing agent gets paid when you close. Our agent is great and she gives us great deals and pocket listings, so she deserves to make a profit for giving us such good deals. We have a title company we use and they will do all the paper work and send it via email to you to sign. Then you transfer funds to the title company at closing and you do not even have to go anywhere to close on the property. My agent will give you the keys after closing and we move on to the next house. And we find other deals for you or for our other investors.

This option gives you the choice to buy or sell when you want to, but it will make you less money in the long run.

Options 2:

This is the option that makes the most sense for everyone involved. This option my company JNS Investments LLC makes all the calls on real estate properties, and the investor sits back and collects all the money and with little or no work. You would make your money make two or three times over in one year. This is a great option for someone who is very busy and just wants to make money on their money without doing any leg work. My company does everything and you make a killer profit just for loaning money to my company for a year.

This would work like this, you and my company would sign the contract saying that you are loaning JNS Investments LLC a set amount of money for a set amount of time. After that time frame is up, you get your original amount you loaned us back paid in full. There is no interest added to the loan, unless other wise discussed with me, because you will make more money by getting a percent of the profit on each home we buy with your money. My network does any and all work that needs done, using the funds loaned to us, from the investor, to buy the house and the material to fix up the houses. My contractor does all the work for little or no labor cost, because he gets a cut of the profit when we sell any home he worked on for free or a very low price. He makes money in the long run as well, and he is trust worthy and honest and does a really good job.

We have to sign the contract my company developed, so we are all on the same page on who gets paid what. And then how this would work would be, you and myself go to a bank and open up a bank account in JNS Investments LLC name and put both of us on the account for security purpose for you and for us. Then you transfer the funds we agree on into that account, and then we get a proof of funds letter from the bank saying my company has the cash to buy properties as soon as possible. This way we get all the pocket listings and the wholesale prices first, and they know we can close in two weeks with the cash available.

My company closes on the house and you watch all the funds that are going and coming in and out of the account. You have the opportunity to watch, on-line, the money as well as I do, so this makes you feel a little safer with your investment. You can go online and check the account daily if you wanted to see what we are spending the money on and get copies of any checks written out of that account. You will be able to monitor how much we use and how much expenses we spend. Then when we sell the houses you would get 25 percent of the profit, after all expenses are paid, and we get 75 percent. We put the money back into the account and take the profit out of the account using one of our checks.

That means you can see the money we spend come back into the same account and see the profits going out. I would give you copies of all receipts of anything we spend the money on, plus you can look on line for any and all transactions that happen. That money stays in that account for a year and then after a year when our contract is up, you just transfer the funds back into your account and we close that account, unless we sign an extension on the contract, or sign a new contract. This gives you a way out if you are unhappy with what we accomplished in a year’s span, which we believe you will not feel that way about it. It also gives us the option to work together even more, if you liked what you received out of the deal.

And in this deal you can invest some money into my company and still do deals for yourself with the other amount of money you have and you do not have all your money tied up in one place and gives you more options on bringing in money from your investment. So you make money off the investment for doing no work and the other funds you make money on the interest if we add interest to the loan. Then after a year if we are successful, which I think we will be, the loan amount can go up and we can buy high end houses and make even more of a profit. We have to start small to make sure we find the great deals now and then when the market turns around we adjust our plan and go for high end homes with more money invested but a bigger pay off in the end.

Option 3:

We form a new LLC with a new name and with all four of us on the membership papers. This would be I, you, my partner Sean, and my contractor Dave. We all go in together and do everything as one group and all slit the profits four ways and we all have control to sign for the company and get houses under contract.

All of us would have access to the account and all of us collect the profits from every deal we do, and that means the LLC would be a long term investment and would hold all of accountable for the success or loss of the company. This option I think would be something to consider, once we tried option 2 for a year and see how that works. I already have the My LLC and we can do deals through mine and not have to go through all the paper work of signing up for a new one and all that stuff. Using my LLC we can get properties as soon as 2 weeks if we get the right ones.

We would do most of the same thing in option 2 but everyone would have an equal say and equal payoff, but everyone would have access to the funds and putting the houses under contract for the company. We would discuss at monthly meetings what we are doing, but everyone would be working hard for the business, and you would not just get to sit and collect a pay check for doing nothing. Why do more work for less pay, why not to less work for the same pay and still have other options open.

Here are the options given to each and every investor who works with us and we like to be open and honest with our Investors and we like to keep everyone on the same page, so we can all step up in this market that has endless surprises and opportunities. I look forward to working with you and happy house hunting!!!! God Bless!


John Sallmen III
JNS Investments LLC

I'm a newbie

How do one go about building s buyer's

lost and my lifes at a stand still

Jeff, i am 27 and am looking to make some changes in my life. most importantly looking to make my first home purchase, i was hoping i could run my situation and possible properties by you to see if im going about things the right way. you may get alot of these requests but if you would i would greatly appreciate it

confused in mississippi

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1. What is the difference in the Offer to Purchase and the Agreement to Purchase? And which one stands as the Contract?

2. If I get my offer accepted using the Offer to Purchase then do I re-write the same stuff that was agreed upon in the Offer to Purchase. Do I re-write it onto the Agreement to Purchase then I sign it and then have the seller sign it as well? Why not just have one form? which does what? and please 4give my ignorance here but after the seller and I have come to an agreement or the seller accepts my offer, then what? I know I market it and all that but what do I do with the paperwork? Do I have to then pay an attorney or a title company? or exactly what do I do with an accepted offer?

Hello Jeff

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Hi Jeff,

I would like to ask you for some advice. I found a seller who is willing to sell his property well below FMV. He has some rentals and he wanted to get rid of this property. We agree to a sales price but he is asking to to have a deposit of 500 on signing the contract instead of after the due diligence period. He said it is normal for this request in real estate. I don't have the 500 and I plan on assigning this contract. However, I cannot show my investor this property if I do not have it under contract. What do you suggest??

Thank you so much,

Hello Jeff

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I would like to no do you give out free couching advice to the people on DG website about how we can receive more good advice on realestate transactions,because i need all the advice i can get to make this happen soon.Peace thank you

Coach Jeff,

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We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas 2010 and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2011! Smiling Your friends, - Joe and Stacey

P.S. May your Christmas stocking be filled with gift certificates to "The Onion". Santa claims they have the best hamburgers in all the west! Smiling

Thanks for posting

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Thanks for posting 98 ways to find buyers list. I printed it off a while ago but lost it. I still don't have buyers after trying for quite a few months. I am going to try some of the other ones on the list.

Buyers list topic

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Hi, I see several people referring to this post, but can't seem to find it. I'm new at this and am trying to get all my 'homework' done before I JUMP Smiling
Thank you!

Assignment of an REO

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Hi Jeff

Can you assign or double close on an REO that has a deed restriction basically saying that the property can not transfer to another for 60 days?

Probate Leads recorded message

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Hi Jeff,

I'm a rock bottom blueprint member and saw that you had provided several recorded message scripts in the forums for different types of leads.. I was wondering if you happened to know where I could find one for pre-screening probate leads:


Any ideas where I could find a script like this?

I really appreciate it..


Your post

We would love to work with you. How?

Wondering if Jeff Jensen is from Utah or any DG's from Utah?

I want to network with DG members from UT. I live in Sandy, UT.
Thank you, Litia

Wondering if Jeff Jensen is from Utah or any DG's from Utah?

I want to network with DG members from UT. I live in Sandy, UT.
Thank you, Litia

Lease options

I just recently checked out two propreties that are lease option avail. and of course there's a down payment needed. The question is can I request a grace period such as 10 to 14days before giving the down payment?

Hey I hope you can set me

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Hey I hope you can set me straight....I placed an ad that says "I buy Houses" ok owners are responding with great urgency.. I have even negoiated deals that were unbelievable! but when its time to sign the contract (which I have a 30 day to maket or walk free and clear claus) I don't know if i'm to sign as the buyer or not.?..should I have an agent represent me? when the owner started talking about earnest money and closing cost , I paniced and told him I'm not really a buyer I just find buyers...This was a Two house deal for $11,000..well he said he will let me know in two weeks 9f he wanted to do somthing like that..(scared him off i think). Just ordered Dean's book but until it gets here can you give me the steps...Are they 1. Make a buyers list 2. get a real estate agent to work with me 3.find deals ???? ? when I do get a deal and sign a contract I have no clue how to sign a contract agreeing to pay earnest money , closing cost when I'm trying to do the "no Money down method.. please help my phone is ringing and I'm missing out on money

Hi Jeff - Need Help with Purchase&Sales Agreement!

First of all - Thanks for your excellent tutoring skills in our lessons at the DG Success Academy!


Sir, I have an Agent (I don't want this chance of a lifetime for a deal(s)to get away) who's been sending me REO properties in HOT ZIP CODE Areas.

With the 25 to 1 strategy the props. must be:
2.starter homes
4.as is

I used the 0.8 system for CA.

Some of the props. my agent sent to me have been discounted a couple of times & after doing the leg work (filtering system) I now have 13 properties of interest, but learned that REO's have no NOTES.

My Mentor at school says, select property from my list and subtract deductions (profit, agent comm. etc.) from Listing Sales price to come up with the max offer. okay done!

Okay - My problem will be completing the Purchase & Sales Agreement (a copy of this Agreement along with other forms are in our workbook).

I just pray that I can finish filling out all the blanks of the Agreement in a timely manner - Dean says we must submit (1) offer this week.

We're moving out of here very soon/any day now!

I will email both you and my Mentor back today with other questions as I work on completing the Purchase & Sales Agreement.

Thank you very much,


hey jeff

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nice to meet you at the edge '12. i told you i had your 80 ways to find buyers bookmarked. when i went back to it this morning i noticed at the top was exit stratagies #3. alright, don't be greedy Eye-wink. where's the rest?
my journal is: no longer scared to succeed (rob clays' journal).
thanks in advance and keep moving forward, rob

Good Information!

Good Day!

I am new to the site. I been trying RE for the past couple of years but with no success. I am looking to do RE in another state. I purchase Dean's books and I am startin to take steps toward my goal. I am at a stand still need a little help but I dont think I can afford it. Can you give me some advise on doing RE out of state.

Thank you for the good stuff


Orlando BOG July 2012

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Hi Jeff! Dave and I just wanted to say THANKS AGAIN for training our BOG class July 2012 in Orlando. The strategies you taught and the trip to Lowe's was invaluable!!! Kristin

Thank You

Thank you for the information and your help. That is most appreciated. Smiling