REI is great way to create wealth and HELP other people. However, in my yrs in this business, I have come across some of the most RUTHLESS and GREEDY people I have ever seen in my life.

WE are supposed to be HELPING people by solving their problems, NOT STEALING their HOME and milking every dollar we can get. Morals and ethics have been replaced by GREED and these so called "investors" give REAL INVESTORS a bad rep and NO wonder people DON'T want to deal with us. GET IT?

Case and point: I once HELPED a homeowner facing foreclosure, their power was off,no phone,no money and they had paid down their mortgage to where they had over $100k in equity. These are NOT bad ppl, they have just experienced hard times.

Other 'investors' wanted to give them $500 and TAKE the house and kick them out. Is THAT greed? Damn right!!! I offered them $20k and helped them move.

They THANKED ME and told ALL their friends and family members about me.

Other similar deals, I've split the equity with them.

Are we supposed to get paid and make some money for our knowledge and ability to put deals together...SURE, but, how much is enough????

Do the RIGHT thing and HELP people.....or you'll meet the devil.


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Hear, Hear

Mike, I agree.



Cathy B

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Great post.You are right on the money.

Thanks for posting
Curtis Fillers

Great post Mike I am glad to

Great post Mike

I am glad to see that there are still a lot of people who have the same morals that I have. I have to keep reminding my sons that, when we do jobs and they say why don't you charge more,any body else would.I tell them we charge a fair price, and that is why we always have work and people have been calling me back for 30 years.

Jim Kendrick


I agree with you 100%. Blessings to all. LA


Everytime you repeat the words "I CAN DO IT" with conviction, you cancel or override your fear and increase your confidence. By repeating this affirmation over and over, you can eventually build your courage and confidence to the point where you are unafraid. -Brian Tracy-

Totally Agree

You are so right! People respect the ones that treat them right and they will remember you.

Have a wonderful thanksgiving all!




Well said...I agree 100%....Jan

Right on the money

I agree with you that ethics needs to guide the transaction. However, each person must operate within their own confort zone of what they feel is acceptable. While I fully understand your point you were making in your story, there could be some people that read that you bought a $100,000 in home equity for $20,000 and think that is greedy too. We can only control our own actions and hope that it meets the standard. Judgment is reserved for someone else.


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I agree!

I always say, hogs get slaughtered and pigs get fed.......I'd rather be a pig


"Don't tell me I can't, Tell me how I can."

Law of Atttraction


Good post. Unfortunately I've discovered that REI can be a very ruthless business. But I can only control my actions and reactions. I believe in the the Law of Attraction. You will reap what you sow. I also feel there are two things that will bring out a person's true character: one being alcohol and the other being money! How they handle each is a pretty good testiment of their 'interior'. A greedy poor person will also be a greedy rich person. 'Rich' may be the number in their bank account only, but no evidence eslewhere in their life. How sad is that....

We are each have a choice. EVERYTHING is a choice!


The 'greedy & ruthless'

are what gives REInvestors a bad name-and there a TON of them out there(worse than a used car salesman)

I have many ppl say "No I won't deal with any investors, they just want to cheat you out of your house". After I explain I am NOT one of those and I'm here to help and show them how, they're more open to work with me.


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TrustPoint wrote:
I agree with you that ethics needs to guide the transaction. However, each person must operate within their own confort zone of what they feel is acceptable. While I fully understand your point you were making in your story, there could be some people that read that you bought a $100,000 in home equity for $20,000 and think that is greedy too. We can only control our own actions and hope that it meets the standard. Judgment is reserved for someone else.

For the record, I had approx $30k in expenses on this deal


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Of course...

That is why I love the DG Family! Like-minded individuals...

I agree 100%!

Right ON Mike!

It is so sad to see other REI give all of us a bad name. Agree wholeheartedly with you!

PS.... JEN! Congrats on finally getting your official diamond! Sticking out tongue

goo post

thanks Mike for bringing up this topic; a kind reminder of what we stand for is always welcome!

thanks Jen for bringing it back; I agree with you 100% on the law of attraction; further, I believe in Karma...

"Watch your Thoughts, for they become Words. Watch your Words, for they become Actions. Watch your Actions, for they become Habits. Watch your Habits, for they becmoe Character. Watch your Character, for it becomes your Destiny."

Learning and progressing every day,



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I agree

I recently had about $1,000 ripped off when I dealt with an unscrupulous person. I thought he was someone I could trust and it didn't turn out that way. One really has to watch who they deal with. It is to bad some people think of others as being an easy mark.


I agree with Mike. It is sad when so called "investors" take advantage of a troubled situation. I feel that is why so many states put predatory laws in place. I don't like states and government having to step in to keep people from taking advantage and "cheating" other people. I have always tried to follow a "win/win" concept. I try to put myself into both roles and see if: 1) would I want the pay out? and/or 2) does the investment make sense? This keeps me in my win/win frame of mind. If we truly set out in all of our real estate investments to make sure all parties "win"...we can sleep better each night. Low offers? By all means. Owners can take or leave. Prey on the underdog? What goes around....comes around.


I am seeing a lot of your good posts coming back up today. That's a good thing.

There are a lot of people who, I agree, get carried away by the greed. I am sure there are many of those types of people here.

We are very fortunate to also have very many of the "good guys" here. And Dean sets a great example for us all.



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Since time began

There has always been someone who aimed at getting what they wanted regardless of what was right or who got hurt. Greed and lust has always been. So we have to guard our hearts and minds and focus on what is good and kind and pure. On this site we can nurture one another and we can help others to the best of our ability. Eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive while reaching out to do what is right. It is in giving that we receive. My Dad taught me that what goes around comes around. So the bad guys will not win and they will get the crap right back. You may not see it but it will come back full force. Vengeance is mine thus sayeth the Lord !
Enjoy this day that is a gift.



if youre NOT getting offers accepted....ask yourself WHY.

Help people


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Great post, I agree 100%.

Great post, I agree 100%.


Well said ... you couldn't have said (or rather write) it any better! Because am one of those people who see it exactly as you did... (i.e., greed comes in several ways), ... "Judgment is [surely] reserved for someone else"


Jah knows all things ...

bumpity bump

for all


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Well Said Mike

I agree with you.....We all know the saying " What goes around...will come around.......We can be sure of it.....
Thank You My friend....



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It was once said, “religion is designed to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable.”

1000% Agreement Here!

I've had a recent experience with a guy like this as I was acting as his listing agent. He was trying to sell a house which he had been in the process of rehabbing and flipping, and he turned downright cruel and even insulted my character. To be more specific, while explaining the reason for a delay in making a correction to his listing, I told him that I and two of my kids had all taken ill recently, including one kid starting to have seizures for the first time, and he showed no empathy what so ever. He was out of money and out of time on his deal, and the rehab. had not been completed (hard money loan was expiring), and he was looking for a way out, but he didn't need to take his problems out on me. I asked him, "How would you feel, if your hard money lender had not empathized with your situation?" It turns out, his being out of time and money wasn't the problem at all, he was just an ass. He was able to renew the loan, and hopefully he will be able to finish the rehab and get top dollar. He later apologized.


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*Disclaimer I am not an attorney nor am I offering any professional advice, just some thoughts I am sharing*


Love you Brother, right on!!!!!!!!!!Jim



better late than never

Wish I had read this post earlier. Ever since I started being interested I've only ever come across greedy real estate agents and home owners. It's impossible for a single woman like me to find a reasonably priced home, or ar least a home whose conditdion goes with the price.
I've started learning about the DG-approach several times, but have to admit I always stop when it gets to the point that I need to take action.
I had even booked an event in Denver (only a 9 hr flight from where I live.... Eye-wink) ) and in the end couldn't go.
Right now I want to start from square one, because I believe everyone deserves to find a home, not only a few who don't think about business in a way that serves a community.
OK, square one it is, I'll start by reading the free books again... Eye-wink
Thanks for the post (even though it's years old Eye-wink )




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