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Matt Purdy
Mesquite TX

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Need Some Advice On A Lease Option Lead tcmiami210 years 19 weeks ago

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Welcome Matt

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I am dropping by to welcome you and to wish you well with your real estate dealings. I know you will find lots of helpful information here on Deans board. You will meet lots of good people here that can help you with any questions you may have. If you will fill out your profile information someone might see it and be in your area and you can do some networking with them. Many great partnerships have been formed right here. All my best to you.

REI Group in DFW

We are from Duncanville, TX & if you are still active in Real Estate Investing, we'd love to hear from you & possibly work together at some point.

Hey, I am not sure if you

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Hey, I am not sure if you ever seen my message from when you last commented on my page. It's been almost a month now, so I thought I would touch basis with you just in case you didn't see my message. Anywho- I responded to what you had put on the page and just wanted to make sure you received the message.

Take care and stay blessed,


I'm sorry, about the delay in response...

Thank you so much for taking the time to get back with me on this. As for the time frame...I don't know if I could say that..because not everyone has the "I have this" attitude when it comes to sales period. I think that anyone could do it...but when it's not a best fit..it's usually because they really don't have the interest. I think that if you actually work hard at something ,then you are bound to get it!

So, I think the year thing is nice...but it's only going to work if that person desires it badly! So, I guess in essence...you're right! lol....

As for the seminars that I asked about..yea, I found out that those aren't "his" seminars really...they are affilliates...go figure eh? lol...But that's ok...I'm glad to read that the books are good help..because to be honest, that's what I was interested in purchasing to begin with! I mean, I'm sure it's a good read, so why not?

Back to the program that you offer...I think that is awesome! I'm still brand new and in the learning phase and I will be purchasing the book hopefully by the end of this month. Either way, learning is learning....so hopefully sometime soon, I can benefit from extra mentorship! I say extra as I am networking with this lady who does it too. Again, thank you for reaching out and I so look forward to the call...I'm sure there is much that I can learn about REI!!!!!!!

Take care and stay blessed!