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A bit about us.
I quit high school to help raise my brother & sister as my mom had mental medical issues & my parents were Apart. Later in my young life,
I was divorced raising 4 kids on my own working 3-4 jobs at a time. Never watched the news, read the paper was never taught to manage money etc... I'm just learning now Hmmm.
Anything I have done has been through self education, except I went to school to be a medic which was my main job for 11 yrs, and a nurses aid. & anything I tackle I usually go right to the top! Then I met Hubby, my best friend! He was a cop and I a medic. He handled the homicides & I cleaned them up Smiling. We were born and raised in Bridgeport CT, a tough little city, sometimes 60 homicides a year! He too went through divorce. He helped me raise my 4 kids while he worked his way up to Sgt Detective. We finally got married. 2 weeks after we were married my mother died in a car crash, 1 month later Dave's father passed away. Then little by little my 4 kids AND there spouses kept popping back home! We were always broke helping my kids and there spouses and our own mishandling of money too. We tried to learn REI then too. We also did many a "work from home" deals but those can go good or bad but we always knew real estate is the way to go just thought we could't do it then. I breed English Mastiffs, so now every time one of our adult kids moves out we turn there room into a whelping room & tell them "sorry no room" Just kidding, but we try. We bought our first home, they covinced us we could "do it" long story short we recently lost it to foreclosure!
So now we moved to the South and we love it !! Just miss our Grandkids a lot. My youngest & his wife are still on our apron strings & soon, we hope will flock the nest!. Hubby is retired and now we are in our late 40's. He does not want to get another job but will if he has to. We both know that once we can get a start with REI we will be living our dream.

This is not a WA WA WA story. These are the cards that were dealt to us. We are just stronger from it all. Bumps in our road!
There is always good in the bad! Anything we went through only made us stronger!
We are just happy broke people that want to be un-broke. We now have bad credit and live pension to pension. It is nothing that can't be fixed! We are learning a lot from and best of all Deans books & the amazing support from the people here is priceless! We can now learn how to clean up our credit along with learning REI. We have the "will", now we just have to learn the "way". This is the first program of many that we have looked into over the years that will give you the "way" No matter your what your situation is.
Even if you are totally broke all the invaluable information and the inspiration on Deans website is free! So it may take you longer than the next guy but if you have the "will" you now have the "way".
What our REI Dream means to us is-
Financial freedom for ourselves, Teaching what we will learn to help others reach there dreams, saving homeowners facing foreclosure, helping a family own a home, putting abandoned homes back in action!

We saw Dean on TV one gloomy day, our eyebrows went up, "do we dare" OH YA!!!

Learning RI, Breeding English Mastiffs. Helping our adult children not have to struggle like we did!

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Regina Santos

Hello Regina,
My Mom has always told me when growing uo, God will only put so much on you that he thinks you can handle. The test that you went through or ups and downs as other people see it--Was simply God putting you through a test.Have faith--you'll be ok. I'm a Marine Corps Vietnam Vet, Purple Heart winner Squad Leader and I wondered why was I sent to Vietnam, why was I one of the top Marines in my platoon, why was I wounded, why was I promoted twice in combat--why me/ I was months away from signing a baseball contract. The scouts came to my home and my Mom told them Jimmy is in the Marine Coprs in Vietnam. I've been successful at many things in life--I took my time aand read everythind Dean sent me--but I coildn't take my foot off of the base to move on to the next base with RealEstate until one day I woke up and realized this message sent to me by a friend

"Over coming Fear and Uncertainty"

The only one who can change "your" situation is "you"

90% of outside data you hear is "negative" Negative thoughts bring Fear & Uncertainty.

Think "positive"==Change your life

To Get somewhere you never "been"

To Be someone you never "been"

You"ve got to do "Somethings you've never done".

Control Your ==I am== I'm closing my first deal Monday--

Jim Johnson NEWBIE!!

3 days after READING THE BOOK BE A real estate Millionaire=="6" years of working for the man and not controlling MY DESTINY.

Regina you'll be ok look in mirror==

What do you see?