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Phil Wentworth
206 Miller Street Middlebor MA. 02346
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Graduate of Dean’s success academy, Read all of Dean’s books, active and aggressive.Married over 25 years to a wonderful woman, have three teenage boys. Work in hospitals with EEG patients, travel across the USA for work. Used to be a commercial fisherman, truck driver and laborer, attended Boston University at the young age of 40.

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Field Service Engineer, Real Estate Investor
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will it work

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Dear Dean,

I know you must get thousands of emails and letters and do not expect you to read or respond but wanted to write anyway. I must be one of millions of people worried about their future and retirement who got very excited watching you’re informational on TV, early in the morning, not sleeping because of worry.
I joke about eating a little bit of cat food every day, so when I get older and have to live off it, my body won’t reject it. It gets laughs, but in actuality I am sick over the thought of being poor when I get to retirement and forced out of the work place. I have gone through several job changes due to the economy, work for 50% of what I used to make, have three children a great wife of 25 years and am surviving. That is the problem I am just surviving, trying to balance life, saving for retirement and paying all my bills.
With all this said, I bought your two book set, be a real-estate millionaire and profit from real estate right now. I read them and get excited, but also don’t act on it. I am very busy with two jobs, (just an excuse) and taking college classes on line at night to keep my job.
Dean, I have a little saved up for emergencies, (getting smaller all the time) have a couple of assets I could sell, a small camper and boat, but really do not have much more than that. I want to believe in you, as I did in others years ago, yes I have bought other coursed in the past and put them on the shelf. I even watched as those authors went bankrupt after selling the courses!
I log on to your website, and get the feeling you want more $$ from me, but it might not be the case. You seem like a great guy, and I have watched you mature over the years, (you look great must be the Arizona sun).
Is this program for real? Do you think you can help me? I know there are testimonials, but not everything I see or read is real.
What can you do for me, what would you suggest I do?

Phillip L Wentworth
508 726 1555

yes it real

yes it real the 1st thing u do is get your llc license,find u an agent,and a morgage broker but before that reread book an find your strategy.u get ur llc license at think its to ck fmv on property go to hope that help