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Maiu Linde
Vancouver, B.C. Canada
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I am working as a Clinical Resource Nurse. I specialize in wounds that will not heal. I really love my work, and get lots of satisfaction and joy from it. I have a family, with two grown daughters. Both of them face expenses and my goal is to be able to help them financially. My older daughter with her wedding, and paying off her student loan. My younger daughter to help with her education also,as she has been accepted into Nursing school to start next month. My goal is to wholesale 5 houses before May the 8/14, so this is within my first year!

Gardening, yoga, and on line games like: Backgammon!

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Have Child(ren)
Some Post Graduate

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Mainly Just This One


Getting Started!

My daughter is getting married at the end of August!
I started with Dean's: Inner Circle family, 2 months ago, and have read a lot of Dean's stuff.
However, I have not made a deal yet, and must tell you I feel a bit disappointed!

I told myself I would have my first deal done, before my daughter got married!
Yikes, that gives me three weeks!
Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Have a super coach and I am working in Tampa FL! Beautiful Tampa! I live way far North in Canada.