Livecast Replay From Thursday Night (Aug 1st) Posted!

Check out the replay for webcast if you missed the live broadcast! Dean Graziosi shares some wisdom on mindset and is joined by Matt Larson to share his advice as well.

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Simple yet Difficult

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I don't post often because i've been telling myself the story that I don't have anything of value to say....I choose to change that story and a few more that have held me back from success. What you have suggested is very simple yet very difficult because our world is so focused on the negative.

Thanks so much for such a powerful and empowering weekly wisdom!

Much success to all in telling positive stories and making changes in your lives!



i know i suffer a lot from this, this is so true.i tell myself so much stories. i have to tell my brain more positive things. thank you dean, you hit the nail right on the head.i appreciate your post on this issue, you are right on the money. i learn so much things from this, thank you again,and keep up the good works, your information is so invaluable.


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I watched it on Insider Elite. It was awesome! Great job Dean and Matt! Thanks for the inspiration!


Thanks so much for the replay!!!!!!! Jim


This is so right on I do this a lot. I try to tell myself it will be ok then my family says now that real estate is moving there is no way in Calif. I can do this. But I am not going to give up thanks Dean for your posts

thanks for the replay

Dean: that was excellent Carol in texas




Aug 1 Live Webcast: Limiting Beliefs

At University I had to write an essay on: Belief Systems and how they influence your life!!
My own, more recent limiting beliefs include:
I live in Canada, the market here is too different!
It is too hard to invest (in Fl) from Canada!
Making money is Hard work!
I am now past middle age, it is too late for me!

Thanks Dean for this video, it has shaken me up!

Hi Dean Thank You For The Replay

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I wasn'r able to see you stuck in city....Grrrrrr

Top of Limited Belief List is.... the Nay Sayers in our lives......saying Real Estate can't be done this way.....Sad

To Whic I reply......" Oh Yes It Can.....and I am going to prove it to you "....Smiling

Thankn You Dean....for all you do.....and continue to do.....Please don't stop....Smiling



Thank you for replays!!! Just like sports replays if you didn't get it the first time, here it is again!

Replay was cool

Your selfless sharing of knowledge and excitement is appreciated Dean.

Replay was cool

Your selfless sharing of knowledge and excitement is appreciated Dean.


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Dean, you did a very good job of identifying the reasons why we don't move forward. I have been helped by these videos because a couple of years ago I couldn't do anything to get moving on RE investing, even though I enrolled in the Success Academy. I just couldn't get out of the blocks. Now I understand why my fear froze me for months at a time. Now I'm not afraid to talk to investors, agents or anyone I meet to give them a business card. It took a while but I'm not afraid anymore. I am now making offers and still looking for my first deal. The difference now is, I know I will make it in RE because of the things you continue to feed me through your videos. I also enrolled in the DGIE and that's your best invention to date. There is so much knowledge it is impossible to not learn what you need to make it in RE. Everything is there!!
So thanks again, I'll try to post more often, I do watch the WW's though, just so you know.

hahahah Dean!

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Sooo funny how you get people so motivated with the carrot & then they have to go to IE OMG who would want to miss the rest of the webcast right. Awesome, well I havnt given up knocked down again (self knockdown:) but gotten back up again & making offers & going back to the education & following it religously, thanks Dean, see you at next years Edge since I have the free tix that I won at the Edge this yr! Crazy eights! remember.

Is it too late for me?

It is never late to start making changes in your life. Your progress might be a little slower than for others but it is possible to achieve worthwhile changes. Be optimistic and trust in yourself.

I'm also running downhill but I expect at least to change a little the curve of my downfall. At present I'm fighting back the depression of having fallen into a scam in which I lost several thousand bucks of my savings

Better Than The Best Diagnostic Imaging

This livecast I think is going to be historical for many who take the time to see it at least twice. For me, at least, it has been an eye opener to seek and find the demons (limiting beliefs and fears) that have lodged in my brain and that have caused me so much harm. It's a whole technique to diagnose the real causes that affect your behaviors and a tool to start correcting your immediate future. It's a way to start with new paradigms.


Boy if the testimonials help. If other have done it why can't I. This is very positive reinforcement.

I find the posts interesting because if I don't get the full idea of Dean's presentation, by reading the posts I get a much more precise picture of the message, maybe I see another angle or maybe I find someone, in a similar situation of mine, that needs a bit of encouragement.

changing my thought patterns

thank you dean,i have been plagued by this negative thinking,deep seated fears,and this really has stopped me from realizing my real potential. i was taught to never take risk,dont use credit cards,work hard,keep your nose clean and you will be ok. lol,folks some of the people closest to us are the ones that in trying to protect us have actually limited our options in life.being a part of this dean has put together for us has not only helped me to dream again,but dean you are helping me live my dream til it becomes my new reality. you and matt and carol have been so influential that i just cant thank you should charge for therapy sessions lol.really great teaching.god bless you all. rick

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