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Rita Williams
Oakland, CA
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Hello I'm Rita Williams, I'm a Real Estate Agent. I am experienced, highly professional and qualified specialist in the areas of listing Agent, Worked with over 100 investors over my 7 year tenure as a licensed Agent with Better Homes and Garden, Mason-McDuffie Real Estate. We have 125 years in business and we are NUMBER ONE in the East Bay! Visit me at: www.bhghome.com/ritawilliams Email: rita.williams@bhghome.com

1555 Riviera Avenue
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Cell: (510) 333-8573

Fax: (510) 380-6246

Movies, Gardening and Playing with my dog Mia.

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Thanks Greg

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No one told me I would be losing sleep because of this program. lol this is so exciting I can't sleep for being so pumped.

Thanks again,


i'm so glad for you , you locked up your first deal. i knew it . close that deal!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I'LL KEEP TRYING TOO. GOD BLESS.

Interested About Oakland Property

Hi, I read your post and would be very interested in any information you have about the Tri-Plex. If you could e-mail me that would fantastic. My email is atrujillo83@****. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

(I don't know why the gmail part of the e-mail does not show up on the post)

hey rita

im new fairly new to the website and finished deans book again. i wanted to ask a quick question if u dont mind, what was the first deal u did after reading the book and how did u do it. just curious rita, any advice would help thank you


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I'm sorry I just noticed your message, I'm still learning my way around this website. If you're still interested let me know. I'll also email you.



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You might want to try some of your REI groups in the area. They are really a big help'



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Well that's the problem noone's responding. If you hear of any in my are would you please pass it on to me?