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Terry (Randy) & Julie Vaughan
Clarksville TN
About Me: 

Honest, hard working man who loves the challenges of real estate investing.Past city inspector,have been a licenses contractor in the states of TN & KY. I have done land home deals and set manufactured houses in four states. Through the years I have had many successful and unsuccessful ventures. The positive side of this is I met my current wife while working out of state! Since buying Deans book and haveing the on-site mentor, Matt Larson, while living in nortern Missouri, I have moved back to Clarksville TN, to put all of the strategies to work in my home town, where I felt there is more oportunity.

Hunting, Fishing

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Full time real estate investor
Have Child(ren)
Completed High School

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I have a friend in Clarksville, TN

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I am in Denver, CO. and new to the DG family. I have a friend who is the assistant principal and wrestling coach at a high school there in Clarksville.

I am thinking there has to be so much potential in Denver, right?

When I saw you were in Clarksville, I thought I'd say hello. Have a great day!

Eric Landis

Friend in clarksville

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Great to here from you. If You every get him interested in real estate hook us up. Stay in touch on you progress.


Hello Randy

I am also interested in leaseoptions.I have red Deans books and want to get started. Im unsure about how to get started building my team to work with. Any information on that would be greatly apprecitated. Thanks for your time, Dwayne. Greenville Ky


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Were is greenville KY, Sorry i haven,t got back to you still having trouble getting booted off of the computer.


Hi Randy,Greenville is about 45min.-1hour from Clarksville,about 25miles north of Elkton Ky.


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Pm your number and I give you a call an see if I can help out.



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What would be a good time to call


Thanks a Decillion

A decillion is a one with 33 zeros behind it. I am a Mentor in the Baltimore City Public School System. However, I have decided two years ago to become a Decillionaire. You are helping me to get to my first million. I'll be seeing you and your wife at the TOP!
$1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. P.P.S. Sounds funny, but I for one am not laughing, except to the bank!

What a streak

Hello, my name is Jiminez and I'm from South Carolina. I read one of your post and you said, "I have done 20 deals in 9months". That is the kind of success that I want. I am new to this, but I am an entrepreneur to the heart. I currently own a successful marketing online marketing business. I will be reading your journal to learn how you make your deals. I am just getting started with REI and I am looking for some guidance. Is is ok if I pm you later?
Thanks in advance.


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Feel free to pm anytime, I will more than glad to help you.



Can you please help me to find some REO's...


Can you please help me to find some REO's...

Inspiration Filled!


Your story is very compelling, Everyday I keep telling myself it's possible. I haven't completed my first deal yet but I'm working on it. I'm located in Ft. Hood TX and since reading your journal I'm really considering the subject to strategy. Question...why do you ask the seller to give you 2-3months payment? Any assistance would appreciated.

Destined 1


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Just to see how motivated they really are and due to the economy. That way I know I have plenty of time to get someone moved in with no money out of my pocket.


Thank You!

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...For for the warm greeting! I've been delving into the books, trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can. I'd like to join the success academy right out of the gate, I've talked to one of the coaches, but I'll have to wait until I get a couple of deals closed to pay for it. There's a wealth of information in the books, though, and I'm hoping it will be enough to see me through the intial deals. I look forward to both the academy and the next edge event, and participating in, and learning from this community.

What is the cores work? I loook forward to your wisdom and knowledge!


Can ya do it ? The Answer ??????

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Well Randy,

Sounds like you've made HUGE accomplishments ..... course Matt Larson didn't hurt you any did he ??? As ah Mentor ??

Wish I had Matt here in Greensboro for ah while ..... Besides any Personal Problems
I have ( Unemployment for goin on a Year Worken on ah BumS Budget ) Ya I feel real good about laying out large sums of Money for Mentoring ( Leap of Faith ?? )

In Greensboro the Streets are lined with for Rent signs .... No body's Workin to pay rent ..... Need ah Private investor to cover the Bank Payments or carry the Property Cost ......
I am part of ah REIA here locally ...... Had one of our " Successful Members " announce in Class ( He's ah retired Baptist Minister ) " Ya Know some people aren't ment to be a Real Estate Investors " Wheather it was ment to be aimed at me or NOT ? ?
I T REALLY ****ED ME OFF ! ! ! This is the same Guy that stood in front of the Group explaining how Busy he was and wanted to Train people ( $ 500.00 to $1000 per session to teach you how to Lease Option sale or NO SALE .....That kind of Money for Me is Very Hard to Come by/Gamble ( UnEmployed )

Anyway, Thanks for listening ..... I don't expect any comforting kind words etc .... I've been a part of Deans Group now for a Year ( NO Mentoring ) I'm very depressed /disappointed NOT From Them ..... I need a New an Brighter prospective

Ray Sheibley

Real Estate Right Now

Hi Randy

This is Sherry. I spoke wrote to you a little while back regarding Profit From Real Estate Right Now. You mention you may be able to get us a few of the books for our non-profit organization. I was just checking back with you to see if you were successful or not. Have a wonderful day get back with me to let us know where we stand.

Sherry in beautiful Californina

I am so sorry

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I must admitt I for got about it, But I will get on it his week.


Hi Randy

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Just saying hi! Keep up all the great work!

Randy, for the sf house

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what I found listed as sold, tax records showed were bought by the lenders on those dates. 19 out of 21, and those 3 most likely have not been updated w/owner, showing new date and previous owner. NO REAL OWNER sales in 9 months. Geez louise

The accadamy

How much does the accademy cost?


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They have several different packages and the cost is different for each. But they don't charge for the phone call.


just wanted to say hello

i am florida and just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what an inspiration you are , hopefully i can be where you are at soon still trying to get my first deal done but have not found financing yet but hopefully i will soon. well anyway keep up the great work. Dale


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Glad to here form you, Keep the positive attitude and keep moving foward and great things will happen. ACTION is the key word.


you have quite a reputation around here!

I am hearing amazing things about you --- I am getting a lot of referrals to your blog but haven't read it all yet.

can you tell me if this idea is a good or bad one: I am attempting to secure an REO property in an area that a buyer has told me they are interested in buying.

I found a place to acquire a P.O.F. letter (PROOF OF FUNDS) but I am constantly told that I also need to proffer some amount of EARNEST MONEY for the bank to even look at my offer!

is it a bad Idea to go this route to acquire the REO, or is there an easier solution? I don't want to lose the buyer while I struggle to snap up the EARNEST FROM SOMEWHERE!

hey randy

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Randy What do you say when you have a potential cash buyer? I don't know if you've signed up for SFL system, I have. I pulled up over 200 cash buyers in my area in WA state. I have would save them and send an email or a letter or postcard, What should I say? please help.

Please Help

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Hi Randy, first off i want to let you know that i have joined deans Real Estate Academy and i am really excited. i talked with a coach the other day and she gave me some homework. I have done most of it but i need to come up with some ads to put on craigslist to build my buyers list. Do you have any suggestions?

Owner Financing

Do you know of sellers who offered seller financing and would be interested in selling their notes? I have private investors who aar looking to purchase secured real estate notes. I offer a referal fee for every note that closes. Send me a PM messag. I look forward to working with you and helping you grow your business.


Hello From PA

I'm new to this. Can you give me information on leaseoption or rent to own? Do sellers always require a down payment? How would you advertise this? What would you say? Thank you

thank you help

thank you

Thank you Randy for your

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Thank you Randy for your support,I love deans book and learned allot from everybody here at this web site.have not made any deals yet but i will not give up.I dont have much money but Im taking step by step to move foward to make my first deal.say hi to dean for me please and i thank you guys again.
PS im not very good with web sites and computers but working on it.


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So glad you stoped by and yeas I will say Hi wish you the best of luck, Just stay motivated.



Hello Randy, just starting out , no money or job ,how can you make a profit birddogging ,thanks for all the help,I wish you the best life has to offer,again thanks everyone.

Hi Randy, I am just getting

Hi Randy, I am just getting started here and just joined the academy and did the first intro. with the team yesterday. I am wondering if you could give me some specifics you gleaned from the academy that you could not have done yourself with hard work?
My background is that I was G.M. of a large contractor lumber yard that was privitly held-not a chain yard operation.
I know my area in fact supplied many hames in areas that I watched grow from farming to sub-divisions and now cities.I know what costs per square foot are running for the area
and market trends.I have been unemployed for a year now and was just getting frustrated with the whole thing so read the books and I knew when I logged on I would get a call and did that nite. Is this an investment looking back you would have made or with knowledge could you have pulled it off alone? granted the learning curve is different for everyone.


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I guess I probably could have done it on my own. But you must remember I was ahead of a lot of people as far as knowledge. But I can say this, If I had it to do over again I would still spend the money I didn't have and do it again. Their is no way I would be were I am at today without the success academy. Hope this helps'


Yep sure did Randy,after

Yep sure did Randy,after reading your bio I figured our bachgrounds were about the same, as we had building industry knowledge, just not investment savvy.Do they really set up the web site and link your site or do they just teach you how to do it?I know the investment will be good if they just provide that service but if they just hook you up then you have to also invest in set-up fees then I don't know if I couldn't forge ahead on my own. I am going to do this and have already a solid team to draw from with there backgrounds. All my real buds from H.S. 35yrs. ago seem to have gone into some form of business I can draw from. one bud is a C.P.A. with his law degree.Another is a home inspection specialist. Another is a developer and builder and has done investments himself in real estate.
So what did dean's program bring to the table for you that made the big difference in your feelings of success?

Let me give you my

Let me give you my background-started in 82 aas a truck driver for the lumber company.Then became yard supervisor and led production for the companies first million dollar sales month working with a crew of 6 and working 65-75 hrs, a week every summer.
Beacame G.M. in 97 and sales were 8mil.
In two years grew that to 14mil. and raised margins from 19 to 26%, had 35 people working for me.In ten yrs. working with production as well as smaller custom bldrs. I only wrote off a total of 40 grand over a ten yr. period.I did this by making sound decisions and not being greedy.Dec 08 got laid off dur to a divorce.Got another job in outside sales with another lumber yard but I jusy couldn't bring myself to hit my old salesman'e accts. and take food off there plates to feed there families and the market was in the tubes for bldg. homes so I failed and was laid off on Oct. last year and have applied for now 250 jobs and the only offer I have received is working for 9.75 an hr. CAN'T BRING MYSELF TO DO THAT!!!!
So I am here to recreate myself on my terms and know I have drive,have been successful before and know the market.
Little venting there but I wanted you to know from where I came from because I think I may be on here when I see you on because you make sense and I know where your background cames from so we relate on a similar source of knowledge from bldg. backgrounds


if i am going to start a whole-saling strategy,should I register as a LLC, or can I do it with out it. and also if I find a good deal, should I get a finder's fee or try to sell it to a regular buyer for more profit, I am a litle confuse with this

double closing question

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Hi Randy, how are you doing. Thanks for all your posts on the website. it's awesome. I want to ask you about a double closing. I know that I need a transactional funding company to provide with a loan so I could do a double closing. and most of those companies apparently will lend to entities only. Do you know any companies that would lend to me with no entities and stuff? Smiling
Do you use any of those companies? Thanks for the info, hope to hear from you soon.


hey randy

I went to my fiest local investers meeting tonight it was great. I will pay my membership fee this week, I think it was a great move.

please help me!

please i need some help, im in the worst situation, i have no money and no car, just a computer and all the time in the world can i still make money with dean's program? and can i make it soon and fast because i really need this to turn my life back on the good side for once. please any help you can give me on making a first deal to get my back on my feel a little bit would mean the world to me.

Your Post

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By the tone of your post, it is very possible we are on the same page.

Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, a telephone call is worth hours of stumbling around an unfamiliar web site. Additionally, I was hoping to be able to start building a contact list and phone numbers to expedite my process.

If one is in business, one must have a business telephone number for the public to contact your company. No phone, no business. I do not mind providing my business phone number. The internet does breed unsavory persons but that is the risk we all take when dealing with the public.

Making contact on the internet and a follow up phone call would me much more expeditious use of time and resources than hours of stumbling around on an unfamiliar site. The site is great and a great reference. I also would like to qualify before I provide my number but must know if I am in a public or private setting.

It would be much more efficient to be able to PM and be able to qualify a prospective contact and hopefully expedite the process by telephone instead of the tedious texting method.

I am presently located in Louisiana but I prefer to relocate. If there is money in real estate here I would stay but would prefer to use the DG journey to find another place and make money while doing it.

I am in the first steps of the DG journey but have an extensive business background. My time is money and I cherish it greatly; therefore, I wish to deal with those of like mind.

Has your journey with DG been profitable? If so, how long did it take for it to become profitable to you?

Thanks and have a blessed day.


Hello and Permission

Hi Randy & Julie

I'm fairly new with DG. At some point in the future...would you permit me to ask you a couple of questions, only if you have the time to do so?

Thanks so much.

Dave & Linda Johnston


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How do I start?

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Hi there

I am very new here and have a LONG history of successes and failures in my life, but the one thing I have never lost is my enthusiasm. I recently moved back to the USA from South Africa after about 35 years but sadly I came back here with nothing. Little bit of cash (and I mean, LITTLE!),but otherwise nothing worth mentioning, found a job which I only go to because it teaches me what I need to know about the industry I really love to be in, REAL ESTATE! I am a property manager and only do it because I want to learn as much as I can to one day manage my own properties.

But in the meantime, I want to get started the DG way. Bit scared to leave my job for now, but I will get there. I just got a call from a local bank, after supplying them with certain information, and was told I can now go make an offer, that my application for a mortgage will be positive. My credit is fare and my debt is very low fortunately.

This is great news, but also a bit daunting, because I realize that by using this wisely, I can launch my real estate career in a big or way, or I can screw it up in an equally big way, if I rush into something blindly.

Have you got any advice for me?




I want to do what u do. no success academy for me yet. i need $. i'm a real estate agent / investor w/o experience.

Newbie in Clarksville

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Hello Randy,

It seems that you are the "it" guy around the clarksville area as far as success in investing goes. Congratulations. I would like to mimic that success. Any chance we could talk and I could listen and learn? Im trying to get my feet wet but I dont know where to find that first seller. Thanks.


Hello my name is Jose Guzman and I am really needing some help as soon as possible or I think I will lose out on good deal. I am in Houston,TX and I have potential earnings on a comercial property. Here is the scinorio, a good friend of mine is a club owner and wants to sell the property. I have found a buyer that is very interested and is already on a trial basis working in the club to see how the business works and well its almost a done deal that the buyer will buy. My friend, the owner of the club had already promised me a 4-5% on the sale if it goes through. I want it to be legal but I dont know how to go about it if real estate agents are involved. As far as I know there are no real estate agents involved at this time. I was wondering if I can use an assignment contract and if so how should I handle this? My finders fee would be devided into me and another person which we found the deal for my friend. Any advise would be greatly appriciated. Thank You

Team up

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I am a newbie, just 2 weeks since i joined DG Family, and needing coaching.
Living in Southern California, in Imperial Valley County.
Don't know how to start, don't have buyers list, etc.
Any advice or help, will be appreciated.