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Fred Bauder
Cape Canaveral, Florida ; Brevard county ; The Space Coast
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I am 56 years old and have been living alone in Florida since 2002, when I returned from living in Asia since 1992. I returned to the U.S. due to diabetes, fairly reluctantly. When I returned to the U.S. I thought I might be able to resume my career as a construction inspector but realized that most of the qualifications necessary would take extensive schooling. I kind of knew some time would be spent in odd jobs while I reeducated myself for whatever career I would choose to resume or take up. After some research as to my chances of prospering and eventually retiring in any of my previously related fields I decided my best chances would be in Real Estate... I saw a few ads on late nite TV and felt that the education for this career field would be initially at a minimum cost and that gaining prosperity in Real Estate could be quickly and easily accomplished. I thought and looked carefully at the many opportunities available and decided that Licensed "legitimate" Real Estate would be the best bet and after talking to a few Licensed Realtors and a few canidates I decided on taking a Florida Licensing course. I passed it, the test and initial requirments and listed with a local broker while at the same time working for a telemarketing firm and at Walmart as a cashier, 3 jobs at one time.I did not realize that being a Real Estate agent would need my fulltime attention in addition to the insurance costs, monthly Board fees and monthly fees for access to the MLS. I struggled along with my initial broker for about a year until broke and thoroughly dismayed I had to take up an additional job just to maintain necessary living expenses. Eventually I found a realtor who knew a few tricks to get in and around local requirments and was more willing to pay me for odd jobs more related to Real Estate. I listed with this new Realtor and dedicated myself more to becoming a genuine Real Estate agent. I cut back on all the jobs I was working and decided to concentrate completly on Real estate. This was around 2005. For a short time I was able to keep my head above water financially but eventually I had to get to the fundamentals of being a Real Estate agent (or associate as they call it here in Florida). Those fundamentals were getting clients and establishing a list of buyers and sellers. At this time also the law of Arizona and the obligations of my past had caught up to me to the tune of about $65,000 in the way of past due Child Support. This did not make much sense to me since my children were both well into there 20's and now expecting children of thier own. This obligation hit me hard and took just about everything I owned. I also found out that because of this obligation not only was I no longer able to travel (Back to Asia) but I was not even allowed to accumulate any amount over $250 in any account in my name till this debt was satisfied. In addition to that, I was not able to posses cars or homes in excess of the stated amount unless that debt to Arizona was satisfied. This was going to make working in Real estate very very difficult. I also had promised those I lived with in Asia that I would support them until I could get them back or return to them. As you may rememeber at that time the bottom of the Real Estate market was falling out. I saw agents going weeks and months without sales and I was not fairing well either. Eventually my Florida Real estate license expired and it made it very difficult to continue work with the agency that carried me. In 2007 I let my license slip away and went back to the nearest employemnt I could find. At first it was 7-11 and eventually I returned to Walmart (only this time it was part time). I went back to those ads I saw on late night TV and thought I could give them one more try. But, this time I thought why not try not just as a Real estate agent but add to that the job as Real Estate Investor... After all that is what I saw sucessful Real Estate agents doing ...the ones that survived including the one I worked with last. About 10 months ago I decided I would have to commit to just one of those gurus and dedicate myself to that Investor till I was sucessful. In addition to that .. last year I took the course to become an agent again (and passed it)... the main thing that I am undertaking now is to commit myself to Dean. I have obtained two of his books and I am taking in as much of his information on this website and to attend any local seminars. However, the cost is what mostly restricts me at this time. The cost restricts me from attending "The Edge" seminars and to take part in any further education that is charged for. Lately, these costs have become almost prohibitive for me to even maintain necessary living expenses such as Rent and utilities. These last two months I have decided that I am going to all that it takes to get ahead to pay these expenses and my training in the way of assignments or Lease-to-own... whatever mightwork.

Traveling back to Asia, particularly the Philippines and maybe Korea and China; Bicycling eventually a cross-country trip across the United States, Living in Hawaii with those that I love

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Starting out on Florida's Space Coast

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I just finished Reading "Profit from Real Estate Right Now". and I am excited to start out in RE (AGAIN). Back in 2004 I took the Florida RE Licensing course and exam and passed (the 1st time around) BUT that was only just the begining I signed with an agency and soon discovered it costs alot to start out as an agent (MLS fees; Broker fees; NAR fees; and E&O insurance) and that is just to start out and many of these fees are due monthly in addition to splitting any commisions with your assigned broker. I managed to survive about 2 years without much success. I did read up on some good RE people like Kiyosaki, Barnett and Keller; and even took a course put out by Dwan Bent-Twyford ($10 - $10,000 in 30 days). But still trying to earn a living pressed down on me with Rent, Electricity and Child support. I had to turn back to 3 JOBs just to get by. I am barely getting by right now; over a month behind on rent and electric; trying to support my aging mother; supporting a wife and kid overseas along with past due child support to Arizona. Life aint cheap. So much for supporting myself on a WalMart job alone...
I picked up Dean's book and Read it ravenously in 2 weeks. I am on the 2nd time throuh now. I particularly Liked Carol Stinson's approach with assingment contracts though calling rentals. I like the IEE approach too and many fellow WalMart employees want homes... What a Source of buyers... I am anxious to start up and dig myself out of this hole I am in. Please all you smart people here in DG please guide me and help me out here. Here are a few questions I have:

Are assingment contracts really the cheapest way to start or Bird dogging?

How do I work with an RE agent that wants to provide Foriegn Cash buyers on local properties. Should the agent get part of the action and how much?

Should I follow through with reinstating my RE license in Florida? Will it be a hinderance or a help? I passed The RE licensing course again and only need to test again.

Should I worry about setting up an LLC right away? I have an offer from a foriegn source and I am sure the State of Arizona (past due child support will swoop down as soon as a check comes thru in my name) I currently Pay regularly thru that Wal Mart job.

If I can get these questions answered right off I will follow thru and ask more as they come up ... I am currently reading "Be a Real Estate Millionaire" and checking this site on a daily basis. I am REALLY REALLY DESPERATE here and need a hand up before i go under for the third time.