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I have been a skydweller for about 29yrs for the airlines and just can not wait to leave that long career. Spent about 6 yrs not flying and selling realestate. When the market got bad, I decided to do my 4yrs required flying to secure my retirement w/the airlines. I enjoyed many aspects of real estate and felt like I had a wide range of experience. I thought I would try another avenue in Real Estate other than the traditional Realtor career. I wanted to be on the other end, the investor!.. many weeks went by, I would see Dean's commercials and think hum.. I should do that, next time I will call.. I didn't . about the 4th time, I did. Now I have skin in and I gotta get going..and make it happen. Ok it's March 2012. I have 3 accepted contracts and having a bear of a time getting them assigned. Yikes! I don't feel like having previous real estate experience has helped in this area much. Other than understanding and being able to speak the language. I have all the same feelings of all the other start up investors out there in the game. I live in the beautiful NW w/ my two dogs.. have two young adult children a marine deployed and a beautiful daughter leaving for Marine Boot Camp in Dec. My daughter did graduate boot and in about 1wk will graduate combat training. So, with all that said, tell me what you are looking for in a property, tell me you have the funds/show me you do, and I will find it for you..

I love my dogs, being around the mountains and the water. I used to row and cox would love my own rowing shell, I also enjoy fishing.Oh and I love down time

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Awesome job on getting the contracts accepted once again.

Do you have a buyer's list built up for where you live? and if so have you already blasted the info on the properties you have locked, to them?


As I was reading your profile, I thought wow she is/was a real estate agent, she has one foot in the door, then I got to your statement that your experience hasn't helped much in the assigment of contract area. Darn. That dispells my thought that agents would have an easier time of it. The agents that we have come across say systems like Deans are get rich quick schemes. Saying that they are a waste of time and the they don't work in this area. I'm glad to see a real estate agent is using the system too. Needless to say we have dropped those agents. We are still trying to find a good agent. Good luck and keep us updated on your quest to get your assigments completed.